December: Good Will to All–Sagittarius of Course!


Sculpture by Paige Bradley

Something there is more immortal even than the stars,
(Many the burials, many the days and nights, passing away,)
Something that shall endure longer even than lustrous Jupiter,
Longer than sun or any revolving satellite,
Or the radiant sisters the Pleiades. –Walt Whitman (from On the beach at Night)

There are four ages or yugas that represent Man according to the ancient text, Laws of Manu. They are the Satya Yuga where virtue reigns (4,800 yrs.), the Treta Yuga that is ¾ virtue ¼ sin (3,600 yrs.), the Dwapara Yuga ½ virtue ½ sin (2,400 yrs.) and the Kali Yuga that is ¾ sin and ¼ virtue (1,200 yrs.).

In The Holy Science written by Sri Yukteswar (teacher to Paramahansa Yogananda) it is stated that we are in the ascending phase of Dwapara Yuga that began in 1699 AD. In the cycle that contains the four yugas, Dwapara Yuga follows the Kali Yuga, the darkest of the yugas where memories of the Golden Age are fleeting. Now as we ascend toward the light and grace there is evidence of this daily. Consider the numbers of exceptional children who exhibit extraordinary gifts at young ages. Enthusiasm, generosity of spirit and a dedication to expressing their gifts is inherent to these children. These characteristics also describe Sagittarius, the predominant sign for December and the sign that Pluto occupied when many of these children were born (1995-2008). They are “visionaries whose loyalty is to knowledge and a higher truth, and its power to inspire humanity.”—Molly Hall, Pluto Sagittarius Generation

This December we expand beyond what we rationally consider possible. The inhale is just about at its fullest and in the moment right before the exhale we realize the infinite possibility we are blessed with in this physical reality, the potential for every vision to find material expression simply by accepting this moment. Basking in generosity and gratitude, it is easy to move forward encouraged by a knowing that what I most desire is already here. There is nothing required to instigate this occurrence.

As December unfolds, when the veils are thinner than gossamer and the blush of rose upon the sunrise bears witness to sublime grace in the tiniest crevasse, there is an opportunity to create space for a shift here that sees deep, dark patterns of abuse slowly dissolving in a wave of joy that displaces fear. On the morning of the 9th when the light appears to be particularly bright, as the sun peers over the horizon, let every leap in awareness carry you through the day without the slightest thought or desire. You will simply be in appreciation for the enormous gift of being, here. And every individual with whom you have contact will so clearly be an expression of that experience. In love, everything is love. To reach this state no instructions are necessary. Rules, reason or ritual do not apply. A child in complete innocence is closer to the truth than either the well-educated scholar or the venerated sage.

For this moment set aside all belief and allow the moment to determine your experience. What that is, is derived from clarity. It is clear that worry and fear are the products of confusion. Confusion arises due to thoughts that pull us out of the moment into a past or future that does not exist. As December unfolds the illusion of a past or future is evident in Earth events that terminate that which is, would have been or was. Mid-December tension develops and change occurs regardless of any apparent desire. The results of this will be dealt with in the moment not in the past or the future. In each moment we will benefit those who are in need of assistance; we will share the abundance that is everywhere on this planet. And in the month of giving and receiving let us be open to sharing from our hearts—nothing else really matters.

Three Tarot Cards for December

The 8 of Pentacles, IV The Emperor and the 3 of Pentacles. December is all about the practical use (3 of Pentacles) of the ‘talents’ we have at our disposal. As masters, those who have many experiences here, (8 of Pentacles) all the resources we require to accomplish whatever we choose are inherent. We are guided by wisdom (the Emperor, Jove/Jupiter) that consuls us to manage our resources in an intelligent and responsible way. The expanded sense of our opportunities here as caretakers provides us with a greater awareness of this domain that supports us.


In numerology the number 6 represents spirit functioning in physical reality. It is the number of the caretaker and an advocate for truth and justice. The number 6 suggests a leadership role in which compassion and wisdom lead to advancement in humanitarian endeavors.

The New Moon on the 2nd is in Sagittarius and so we begin this month eager to advance the conditions within which we have existed thus far. Just over the rainbow our vision lies; somewhere near the elusive pot of gold but not fixed upon an object. The pot of gold is symbolic for that which exists beyond matter hence its illusory nature, not easily grasped. All that appears to be just out of reach suddenly is attainable. We move into the New Year well prepared to accept whatever transpires.

Happy Holidays and Happy Being!

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New Moon December 2013: The Archer’s Target–Truth

New Moon December 2nd, 2013 10 degrees 59 minutes Sagittarius

07:22 p.m EST 04:22 p.m. PST

(Written from the icy cold of a northern climate.  I have gained considerable empathy for those who face some months of the year with big coats, boots, and various other forms of clothing to keep the bitter cold at bay. I reluctantly leave the comfort of indoor heating  to post this article from a coffee house where there is access to the internet.)

sagittarius“There is one truth, but it comes in many, many forms. Every religion is a metaphor. Each bit of spirituality is a metaphor. All of these things, including me and my words, are metaphors for the one truth…It does not matter which form you prefer. What matters is that you look to each for the truth which underlies the form and not the form itself.”—

On one side of the Sun/Moon is the royal star Antares at 9 degrees 54 minutes Sagittarius, lying at the heart of the constellation Scorpius. Each of the four royal stars watches over one of the four directions and is guarded by an archangel. Antares is the West direction and archangel Uriel, the Light of God. On the other side is Rastaban, “the Dragon’s Eye” in the constellation Draco, at 12 degrees 06 minutes Sagittarius. At one time Draco was thought to protect the garden of the Herperides wherein grew the golden apples of immortality.

The ‘heart of the scorpion’ and the ‘eye of the dragon’ what truth lies at the core of the myths that define human history? And what truth is being revealed to us during this New Moon in Sagittarius, the Archer, whose arrow points us in that direction? It is not a great mystery. Yet we distance our selves from the truth by creating elaborate stories to explain existence that has no need for explanation. With Uranus in Aries trine the Sun/Moon (2 degree separation) and continuing to square Pluto in Capricorn, we receive potent energy from two outer planets that lie beyond the control of our egos. We have an opportunity to awaken, with the aid of Uranus, despite our attempts to deny our selves access to the mystery. Resistance is futile as our psyches undergo a purging of superfluous material.

Here Uranus, the higher octave of Mercury thus intuition, acts upon the conscious (Sun) and the subconscious (Moon) to enlighten and ‘inform’ in a way that uses neither word or symbol. Mercury reaches conclusions through logical processing. Uranus just knows that it knows. Uranus is freedom as it is the first planet beyond our boundaried world represented by Saturn. The effects of Uranus can feel like being struck by lightning where upon the experience is never the same nor the individual ever the same.

Many years ago listening to a piece of music by Russian composer Alexander Scriabin I had an awakening, very Uranian, that caused the earth to move. Transiting Uranus was trining my Sun/Moon conjunction. I believe we can expect similar powerful results from this configuration of planets now.

With Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) in Cancer opposing Venus in Capricorn what provides us with a sense of security and upon which we base our sense of self worth, not only individually but collectively, is being magnified to expose whatever is not for our highest good; that which does not generously support the organism to flourish on all levels rises then to settle amongst the waves of peace surrounding us.

Our talent for achieving harmony of mind, body and soul is highlighted through a Mars/Venus trine and both sextiled by Mercury in Scorpio. If we think deeply enough about the nature of this world of duality we find that in these depths, where silence and absence of thought prevail exists nothing. No form or verbal way of communicating what is; finally the knowing of Self as everything.

With five planets in mutable signs at this time it allows us ease to go with the flow, to be more flexible and positive knowing that whatever is to be will be. And if there is a jarring that occurs rigidity will not cause us to crumble. Fluidity will assist us to transform, adapt and move on. It will give all of us an opportunity to see where we tenaciously cling to beliefs that cause us to suffer. A willingness to divest one self of such hindering patterns will be the result.

Whether this is felt as significant movement or subtle urging will depend upon what influences these planets have in your own chart. Look to Uranus, house and sign plus the house ruled by Aquarius and aspects to, in order to determine how this lunar phase shows up in your own life. Then again what shows up does and what does not does not. Do we really need to know any of this?

p.s.-Black Moon Lilith in Cancer trines Neptune so our darkest secrets are apt to slither up from hidden places and attempt to smother us in fantasy and not so fantastic enticements to embrace what we most fear and therefore keep furthest from our conscious mind. We can run but we can’t hide. May we all rest in peace.




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Full Moon November 2013: Ancient patterns Illumined

Full Moon November 17th, 2013 @ 25 degrees Taurus 10:16 a.m. EST  07:16 a.m. PST

The Wandering Moon, Watercolor Illustration to...

The Wandering Moon, Watercolor Illustration to Milton’s L’Allegro and Il Penseroso by William Blake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Without contraries is no progression. Attraction and repulsion, reason and energy, love and hate, are necessary to human existence. ~William Blake

Every Full Moon is an opportunity to see our reflection more clearly and to better understand the nature of our experience here in duality. When the Sun and Moon are opposed the instinctive and the conscious flow back and forth with the potential to blend and integrate the characteristics of the signs that inhabit each end of the axis. When we consider the influences of this Full Moon we see that the simplicity of Taurus stands ready to share perspective with the mystery of Scorpio. Taurus is about establishing one self in physical reality, attaining the basic requirements for physical existence while Scorpio works upon the basis of exploring the true nature of that existence. Taurus is superficial while Scorpio is deep. (This does not mean that Taurus people are superficial or that all Scorpios are deep)

What is occurring is the ability to know in physical reality all that transpires in the depths of our psyche bringing clarity to what has typically been a chaotic experience. The Moon, as home to our emotions, benefits, finds security in, the peace of knowing the truth of this experience. When we examine the dynamic of this chart further we see that the rulers of Taurus and Scorpio (Venus and Pluto) are conjunct in Capricorn assisting us in bringing up inured patterns for review and transformation. This is ongoing of course. We should not forget the square between Uranus and Pluto that has been affecting us since June of 2012. (The synodic square occurs on November 24th. “The synodic square is the actual (heliocentric) square occurring in the current 138-year Uranus-Pluto synodic cycle that began on January 7, 1966, at the exact peak of the Vietnam War and the emergence of the Flower Power Political Movement. This is the first (90°) square in this cycle. The extreme cultural and societal events of the mid-1960s were a product of the Uranus-Pluto conjunction and the start of this 138-year Uranus-Pluto synodic cycle. The square occurring in 2012-2015 will stimulate dynamic cultural and societal action based upon what was set in motion in the 1960s. This few-year period should also be quite catalytic for those born in the mid-1960s.”– Nick Anthony Fiorenza)

The old structures shift. Light is seen between the cracks. Expect relationship issues from the past to present them selves for resolution. Matters of lust and love, self-worth and transcendence are significant aspects in understanding the basic truth of Self.

Venus represents relationship and desire the ultimate goal of which is self-love and freedom from desire. The relationship between male/female has created reactions that run the gamut of human nature and how grateful we are for this, the roller coaster ride. What other reason to exist in duality than to savour the many nuances here? And to do it from a place of non-judgment allows us the pleasure without the suffering. As one becomes weary of the drama, and those feelings of being up and/or down, it is less a matter of choice as it is ‘been there done that’ so many times that I no longer require that experience. By accepting the transience of mind and emotion, attachment to an experience diminishes long enough to know the intrinsic nature.

In Taurus/Scorpio the whole matter of life and death, existence and non-existence arises for examination. To this ancient quest for understanding is a simple answer—that which is never born can never die and our true nature is always, infinite and eternal a truth that reveals itself as we encounter the illusion that we are anything that lies out side of the Self or that changes. The deep knowing of Scorpio finds expression through the simple expression that is Taurus and the reverse applies, that within this simple truth is the end of the quest to discover the mystery of human existence—there are no questions to be asked only moments of presence.

The stars, that nature hung in heaven, and filled their lamps with everlasting oil, give due light to the misled and lonely traveller.—John Milton

The fixed stars that influence this chart lie on either side of the Moon. They are Capulus at 24 degrees Taurus and Caput Algol (gorgon’s head) at 26 degrees. Both of these stars lie in the constellation Perseus, the hero who slew Medusa. Algol represents feminine power (though deeply feared) that through the centuries has been prominent during events of decapitation. There is also association with symbolically losing one’s head.

Capulus, in the sword hand of Perseus, represents male power, resources and tools that assist one to accomplish great deeds. The result of these two stars present in this Full Moon chart can only be known for sure as we pass through the energy of these few days prior to and subsequent to the opposition. As we are finding reconciliation and harmony where there was once conflict and misunderstanding it would be hoped that the energies of these two be felt as one, that they blend in a way that allows the most positive aspects of each to influence consciousness and if a few heads need to role in the process then so be it! Otherwise may the masculine not be threatened and may the feminine not defend. May they accept and allow what is to be. No need to conquer or control.

The closest aspect to the Moon is a sextile from Jupiter (20 deg. Cancer) and Black Moon Lilith (21 deg. Cancer). It is a potent combination when considered with the placement of Caput Algol, as the energy is very similar—both Medusa and Lilith have been demonized and loathed. Both are characterized by the serpent that was defeated before the patriarchy and the new religions could succeed. As a story this has outlived its usefulness.

Jupiter lends considerable weight to the wisdom of letting go and accepting all that is. There is value in seeing the limitations we have imposed upon our selves by repressing any aspect of human nature. We cannot know the self as love as long as we see any part of the self as unlovable.

Whenever we are faced with such powerful dynamics astrologically there is a discomfort that envelops us as the resistance to change meets the forces of transformation. Change will occur in time and resistance is futile. Best to step through the fear and embrace the light on the other side. It may surprise us how easy it is and the extent to which the pain is present depends upon my willingness to accept.

Part of the clarity we obtain during this Full Moon is that we do not need to seek love, we are love and that the inner peace we truly desire is as a result of knowing the self as love. All of this occurs and then life happens and our relationship as everything is as apparent as a Full Moon in all its luminous beauty hanging within the same source of I am.


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New Moon in Scorpio November 3, 2013: Ready or Not Here it is

New Moon/Solar Eclipse November 3, 2013 @ 11 degrees Scorpio 16 minutes

7:50 a.m. EST 4:50 a.m. PST

article-2289460-1879A6E2000005DC-369_964x643“We scorpions are the interpreters—our sign is the one most closely linked to mysticism, intuition and the occult—the domain of powerful female intelligences. It is true that Scorpio has also always been linked to the destructive aspects of male sexuality. The shape of the creature, the venomous liquid projected from its tail, is sufficient reminder of this. But in mythology it may often represent destructiveness subordinated to female wisdom and power.”—A.S. Byatt, A Whistling Woman (based on writings of Madame Blavatsky)

As mentioned in the October Full Moon report we should be prepared for eruptions.  Mt. Etna, Europe’s most active volcano spewed October 27th in the wee early hours though no evacuations were necessary in spite of lava flow. I think we are not limited to one such occurrence.

Is every New/Full Moon a powerful event? It certainly seems like the energy of these lunar phases has really revved our engines for a couple of years now. And this New Moon in Scorpio is no exception. In fact we are presented with a stellium in Scorpio (Saturn 13 deg., Sun/Moon 11 deg., Mercury 7 deg. conjunct north node 7 deg.) that pronounces multi-level emotional experience in part motivated by a sextile to Mars in Virgo (refined and civilized). Methodical and practical this Mars encourages behaviour based upon analysis and solid evidence rather than emotional projection. The origin of the expression may be highly intuitive/psychic, as is the realm of Scorpio, but the articulation will be clear and rational.

This combination, Mars in Virgo and Sun/Moon in Scorpio is a beneficial aspect (Earth meets Water harmonious and nurturing) that brings the relatively subverted nature of Scorpio out into the light of reality for us to examine with somewhat less emotional attachment. The motivation in this New Moon would be to find functional expression for what might otherwise be overwhelming/and or obsessive thinking that takes us down the rat hole. With Mercury retrograde in Scorpio until the 10th, getting lost in the depths of one’s fears, anxieties and insecurities is a possibility. Conversely, creating avenues for meaningful communication that serve to evolve one from illusion to truth are also a possibility. What seeps up from the deep may have lasting affects that structure life in a very different way.

Certainly with Saturn as part of the group, old patterns will be jettisoned from the murky waters of chaos leaving one a whole lot clearer and sharper. Deep, serious and dwelling in the realm of destruction and rebirth, Scorpio takes us on a sweeping journey to illuminate the dark and frightening recesses of some very limiting human behaviour motivated by ancient thought.

The solar eclipse at this time magnifies the intensity of this already highly volatile period. New beginnings are without doubt indicated. Whatever gets torn down will create room for something else or nothing else to come in depending on your mind’s belief tendencies at the end of this conjunction. You may recognize that all beliefs have their roots in the past and as such, being temporary, are an illusion.

As suggested by the quote at the beginning of this article, Scorpio inhabits the sexual arena as an intrinsic part of its experience. Both masculine and feminine sexuality find intense and deeply expressive opportunities in this sign. This energy goes beyond the physical expression of one’s sexuality as in Scorpio (Pluto/Mars rulers) the sexual act is perceived as having the power to unite one with a higher force. The goal here is the knowing of the cycle that is humanity (birth, death, rebirth, regeneration) in order to transcend it and not to become attached to any one aspect of it. The compulsion to unite can become an obsession—to transcend physical reality—like a drug or alcohol, is an addiction that takes us further from the ‘goal’ as separation is immediately or eventually the result. And like the venom from a scorpion’s sting, our addictions may become toxic thus slowly poisoning us.

With Saturn conjunct the Sun/Moon whatever patterns we have, or beliefs that encourage addictions of any kind will be under intense scrutiny. One does not need to have planets in Scorpio to feel the effects of these few days. Somewhere in everyone’s chart is a house ruled or occupied by Scorpio (for those with Scorpio intercepted for example this sign still resides in a house). That house therefore and all aspects to Mars/Pluto and the 8th house naturally ruled by Scorpio may be examined to gain further individual insight. The elimination of that which is toxic to all systems is imperative. Such is the feeling of numerous planets in this sign. If you have ever known anyone with a stellium in Scorpio or one heavily aspected by this sign and or Pluto/Mars you will recognize how intensely ‘devoted’ these people are to the deeper meaning of life in general and their interactions with them selves and others. The experience with such a person can feel smothering or highly inspirational.

Of interest during this New Moon is the fixed star Acrux, the ‘foot of the cross’ that conjuncts (within a degree) this Moon. In the constellation of the Southern Cross, (visible only in the Southern Hemisphere) Acrux has been the guiding star for not only sailors but also Earth bound individuals. The base star and the star at the top of the cross Gacrux are almost exactly parallel. Thus the ability for the two lights to be used as time-keeper and directional points. This constellation though the smallest of the 88 constellations has great importance to countries of the Southern Hemisphere. So steady and familiar is it that it has a place set in the subconscious of those fortunate enough to have seen it regularly in the night sky reminding us of the descension of spirit into matter.

At one time this constellation was also visible in the Northern Hemisphere and was associated with Centaurus. It fell below the horizon sometime near 400 AD a date that coincides with the adoption of Christianity in the Roman Empire.  The symbolism of this constellation and its influence upon us now is crucial as we movie beyond beliefs of all religious, social, political conditioning. It demonstrates to a deep level of knowing a simple truth—we are that—‘spirit’ in physical form. And, isn’t it fortunate that in order to ‘get’ any of this there is nothing we need do as everything happens as it will regardless of any attempt on my part to do anything.

The quote which begins this article neglects to include the very transformative aspect of Scorpio that moves from scorpion to eagle to dove.  As most of us know once the base nature of Scorpio is brought into balance we transcend the physical limitations of the human being and awake into awareness of Self. The inner peace this is, can be symbolized as the white dove of peace. The Keys of Enoch, a book full of mystery and information to ignite our ‘desires’ for freedom; to rise from the denser environment controlled by the ego. In this book it suggests the United States as the white dove of peace; that this country as a melting pot for many nations, whose roots go too deeply to detach from beliefs easily, has the potential to lead the world in establishing peace.

The Sun/Moon conjunction approaches a trine with the U.S. Sun at 13 degrees Cancer and nears the 12th house cusp. Saturn is exactly trine the U.S. Sun that creates an easy flow of energy to: take responsibility, focus on, be disciplined, have positive boundaries, be the teacher. Both the positive and negative aspects of this combination may be experienced. Instead of relentless however, as might be the experience considering the natal Saturn square Sun, the trine provides a harmonious energy with which to resolve old karma. Such would be the position of the white dove of peace—to utilize Saturn in Libra as a catalyst for peaceful resolution.

We know that strong forces are at work not just due to the line up in Scorpio but also as this is a solar eclipse and the last eclipse of the year. The Sun will be obscured at sunrise on the East coast of North America and throughout South America and Africa; moments of prolonged darkness that symbolically supply us with just a bit of extra time to remain submerged in observation not thought. Whether we sleep or not, whether we witness a sunrise or a sunset. We will be affected in a way that moves collective consciousness to a place nearer truth– life is—more loving, compassionate, harmonious. So, what appears to be a frightening few days to those who take notice, be assured that what is transpiring leads us to a place of greater relaxation and peace. For all the emotions that we feel and attend to there is a moment of peace that follows. Eventually there is only peace.










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Full Moon October 2013: Be Grateful for What You Do Not Know.

Hunter Full Moon October 18th, 2013/Lunar Eclipse 18th @ 25 degrees Aries

07:38 p.m. EDT 04:38 p.m. PDT

“In order to rise from its own ashes, a Phoenix first must burn.” ~ Octavia E. Butler

We are burning in the cold fires of transformation. The Self appears, the Warrior recedes and peace prevails.That is the Moon in Aries opposing the Sun in Libra in October of 2013.

The power of this Full Moon/lunar eclipse, ruled by Mars at 2 degrees Virgo in exact opposition to Neptune–“right” action fueled by the inherent desire for greater understanding of the Self, the environment, others, existence etc. Mars in Virgo=taking the best course of action for greatest results arrived at by an analytical process accompanied by intuitive interpretation. Subtle determination and sense of confidence that borders on aggressive insistence to adopt my way; in this case good for discerning the supreme benefits of allowing the waters of truth to wash away the sands of mortal ineptitude and languishing effort.

This combined with a square from Black Moon Lilith in Cancer and we get a sense that confidence in the unknown, that which drives us forward without effort, becomes more and more the clear motivation behind our activity. Now encompasses not the past or future but the moment. It is evident that when we allow the past, that which we assume to be our roots, to influence this moment suffering is often the result.

Black Moon Lilith at 27 degrees Cancer 52 minutes dominates this Full Moon chart. The Moon is the ruler of Cancer and here positioned in Aries we have the relationship of 1 (Aries being the natural ruler of the 1st house) and 4 (Cancer is the natural ruler of the 4th house). From a numerological perspective we have potential energy, Aries, in stress aspect to an established form, Cancer and 1 + 4=5 the number of change. Always in a state of change, what does this Full Moon suggest we are experiencing? It appears that our deepest beliefs, those at the root of our human being (represented by BML in Cancer that rules the IC (Imum Coeli, bottom of the sky) are being challenged. In addition to 1 + 4 we add the energy of the Sun in Libra (ruler of the 7th house) + 7, the number of spirit and where we test our selves in order to facilitate movement from illusion to truth. There is great strength in the sign of the scales as we bring balance to opposing forces within the self that represent separation. The t-square, Sun/Moon and BML is a dynamic function within the chart that acts to find resolution to opposing forces. The catalyst, BML describes that which offers resolution. Clearly, it points out the importance of greater vision. We can all exhale—no one to please, no one to judge—acceptance.

1 + 4 + 7 = 12 = 3, the number of creation and our facility for expressing or communicating that creative nature. Mercury, natural ruler of the 3rd house immersed in Scorpio and in the shadow period of Mercury retrograde (occurs October 21st) urges us into deeper areas of the psyche where lie hidden the seeds of patterns that determine our beliefs, those that are being transported to the surface for illumination. Mercury in Scorpio is no picnic. As the messenger, this message cuts to the bone—sharpen awareness. And, with Pallas Athena, mature wisdom, squaring Mercury there is additional encouragement to ‘die’ to the old order. People writhe beneath the intensity of demands to purge that leave us feeling exhausted, torn apart and on the verge of “death”. At last so defeated, the ego, that neither will nor any way to resurrect what essentially is an accumulation of thoughts based on past experience. We may be temporarily left deactivated until the natural process of listening to what is inherently pervasive arises in awareness.

We burn in the light of this Full Moon, nowhere to hide those fears that cause us to tremble and lose sight of a grander vision in which there are no reference points contributing to thoughts that previously imbedded themselves deep within the fabric of consciousness.

When could we look out at a scene and not see a tree, a bird, an ocean, the color blue or clouds floating by since that has been so for millennia? Me identifying what surrounds me has been the way most things are described. It is okay, that this is the case, but it is truth that seeing happens. There is no me involved. It simply is, unfolding continuously. There is no need for concern or effort as regards any of these thoughts that adorn this page. Merely demonstrating the perfection of existence that “is” without the interference of our concern and effort.

In this chart, Jupiter (in Cancer) trines Mercury providing the sense of abundant sustenance as well as the magnification of all that lies hidden within the mind that forms a protective shell to—whatever we fear, along with the general easement/relaxation that occurs as laces are untied, buttons released and all trappings that support the mind’s numerous positions fall away. Structure is not necessary to existence. Existence is. Action is no longer impeded by parameter and freedom is experienced, to witness without reaction or attachment.

The continuing Uranus/Pluto square supplies the energy for this evolutionary transformation. It happens.

And even though we experience a Lunar Eclipse also, it is a penumbral eclipse meaning that the Moon passes through the brightest portion of the Earth’s shadow as opposed to the dark inner core or umbra of the Earth’s shadow. The light of the Moon will dim but not lose its illuminating potential. We’ve been sequestered long enough. Time to shine!

In other words to share the gifts of our true nature that flow so easily from the place of being. The Sabian symbol for this Full Moon is “a man possessed of more gifts than he can hold.” The thought is, they will be shared these gifts; that one so abundant cannot help but let that which she/he is vibrate throughout/within life.

Expression is an aspect of human existence. Whether it be verbal or non-verbal, humans have a need to express in some way that which arises in time and space. We find the ways and depths to which we apply our selves to this need changing and transforming as our awareness grows. The fixed star conjunct this Full Moon is Kurdah in the constellation Cepheus, King of Ethiopia. It is the star that occupies the area of the neck putting emphasis on expression.

Cepheus is placed upside down in the heavens and so brings to mind the Hanged Man XII of the Tarot where Self-realization is required in order to facilitate experience here. What would seem to be advantageous is the utilization of the “voice” that issues from deep within to bring a new level of awareness and peace to experience. It contributes to the alchemical progress of what is already underway. And the structure that is now being built has little to do with form or function but instead incorporates elements of freedom and harmony. If it appears otherwise it is merely the existing platform desperately holding on to inhibit its demise. And eruption after eruption may be necessary to loosen that grip.






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October 2013: The naked truth

aboriginal-artI celebrate myself, and sing myself,
And what I assume you shall assume,
For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you. ~Walt Whitman, from Song of Myself

We may wish to indulge our selves in pursuits that gratify our deepest longings and fan a flame that has flickered in our hearts since first we witnessed the sunrise across the vast plain of existence. And slowly we recall the voiceless voice, like static crackling in the emptiness of dawn, the electric charge igniting us to action as we stalk a distant memory of peace. October, the first month of autumn presents opportunities to drop the foliage of a year well spent in favor of a deeper, naked truth.

With keen insight I peel my self to the bone, then listen as music rises slowly from the marrow. It wraps it self around me, whispers softly, sound permeating even the densest layers of doubt—there is nothing I am that you are not. Everything prepares for the transformation that takes place as seasons change. Light dwindles and I too, curl in upon my self to rest in the arms of knowing that what I see, you see and when I love the Moon whether sliver or iridescent opal adorning an indigo sky, you share that feeling and there is no separation, ever. United in all things we traverse this experience never alone or alone responsible.

Swiftly we address the details of life that pass before us in small frames, rapid motion, predictable outcome that we might just sit and enjoy the view that is different in every moment when I am there to look. Many sighs of pleasure rise to greet the indefatigable display of nature so graciously presented to every witness to this life.

Let us thoroughly appreciate these days of ease and grace whilst divesting our selves of want and expectation in favor of offering Self to the greater good. Here we stand exalted in the Big Picture and shine all that we are upon our selves and watch as outstretched hands melt together with love and adoration. I want not. I have everything; form fades into form, fades into nothing.

In the Tarot the 3 of wands shows a young person gazing optimistically across a golden ocean of possibility. He has been divested of fears and thoughts that would limit his experience. He stands ready to create according to that which most wants to occur so he is relaxed, knowing that there is no effort required. And in time, a function of relativity, everything comes to him or it does not. There is never need for concern.

October is a month in which to express infinite gratitude for the abundance that flows to us. There is nothing we lack and nothing that we want for that is not within our grasp. We could call our experience here magical but truthfully it is nothing more than what you and I project from our imaginations that have no limits; a blessing that we receive every time we take a step, tie our shoe or touch the sky.

The Full Moon on October 18th presents an opportunity for appreciation of the self and all that it is not. It is an opportunity to stand in truth and the brilliant light of perfection—you are all that you have ever needed and now is the time to recognize that what you see before you is an infinite reflection of your self. And now as there is no more “work” to be done, it is time to play and Be what you have found.

*Honing the diet to support the immaculate Self while smiling with the simplicity of what the body really wants when not barraged with commands from the habitual mind!



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New Moon in Libra, October 2013: Can’t Hold Onto What We Do Not Have

New Moon October 4, 2013 @11 degrees Libra 56 minutes 8:34 EDT p.m. 5:34 p.m. PDT

“Do you imagine the universe is agitated? Go into the desert at night and look at the stars. This practice should answer the question.” ―Lao Tzu

Exploring The Ancient Caves In ThailandSeptember 20th Pluto went direct. Small planet, big meaning, subtle effects—transformation will be the result. Pluto, Underworld dweller, occupies a dark place in the human psyche. Not bad. Deep not revealed. Where truths lie hidden in thick shadow. When retrograde this planet/asteroid operates at an even less perceivable level. And resuming regular motion, which for Pluto can be somewhat erratic (Pluto has an eccentric orbit), does not mean everything suddenly becomes clear. However, based upon all that has led us to this moment, Pluto activity is part of our awareness. We are feeling the results of its journey into our deep unconscious realms. Its transformative influence affects this planet Earth and us in a way that is no longer that subtle. The hidden feelings and thoughts lurking in shadow have been nudged into the slow stream flowing toward consciousness. We may wake up for several days greeted by fears and apprehensions that long have limited our abilities to be free. We sense change in human existence and change within this planet.

Our home base is of course experiencing a similar path of evolution to the human population. It is demonstrating the effects of Plutonian pressure to eliminate and transform in only a slightly different manner. Explosions have a way of altering landscapes both external and internal in an unarguably cathartic manner clearing debris and elucidating the way.

Agitation is defined as a state of excitement, disturbance, or worry, the act of moving something vigorously, the shaking or stirring of something, the act of attempting to stir up public opinion for or against something. We could experience any one of these states or all of these states over the next few days. What might otherwise be assumed to be a peaceful and balanced lunar phase in Libra, sign of the scales and ruled by Venus changes dramatically when opposed by Uranus at 10 degrees Aries and squared by Pluto at 9 degrees Capricorn.

There could be stillness where there is not light, but here in the emptiness is the unsettled nature of a soul restless with desire, not for anything tangible but for exactly what this New Moon should instill, inner peace such as one feels when awake to one’s true Self. But based on millennia of conditioning we remain separate from “that”. Pluto and Uranus will insist upon returning home—at any cost. Resistance is futile. Everything here, that moves and changes is subject to impermanence and will desist at some time in duality. What we truly are is, always. Whatever we appear to lose here is an illusion.

In addition to these two outer planets working to bring about transformation, are several sesquisquares, an aspect of 135 degrees=a square plus a semi-square–doesn’t feel comfortable does it? It isn’t. Furthermore this disharmonious geometry applies to situations of stubborn adherence. In a natal chart a sesquisquare indicates where we tenaciously cling to old patterns. The energy of this aspect will in such cases insist upon surrender.

We have all heard about people who have experienced accidents that alter their lives—near death experiences shock them into a different reality. They wake up. It is this kind of falling off the cliff situation that we may face during this New Moon as there are four significant sesquisquares involved—that between Pluto and Mars, Mars and Uranus, Uranus and Venus (this forms a DOD with Uranus at the apex as Mars and Venus are square-I have so named this aspect, do or die by nature of its drastic insistence upon change) and Jupiter and Neptune. We’re in for a significant rousting.

The results of these aspects may manifest anytime between now and the Full Moon at 25 degrees Aries on October 18th. There is a fifth sesquisquare involving Saturn and the Black Moon Lilith the energy of which will be experienced somewhat differently as BML is a point and as such does not conduct energy. The BML is being focused upon by the Lord of Karma and the Master of responsibility.  The BML is the point representing Self-empowerment or realization. When we dispense with individual identification we find our selves standing as “that”, simply Being and free. BML is in Gemini—illuminating the mind and with Mercury in Scorpio, a profoundly susceptive position; the message is received not by verbal conveyance.

Remember that the nature of a New Moon is Yin, receptive, the in-breath. We’re taking in what we need in order to ‘discover’ truth of Being. This is a time for realization of truth to restore balance and peace. Our actions must portray what lies deep within—our central desire. With Mars/Venus square the desire nature could wage war upon a greater sense of well-being. What better way to discover what lies within and sometimes hidden by fastidious control mechanisms? We get to see some of what we stubbornly adhere to. As it is Venus that rules this New Moon we might assume her intentions for intimate relationship of all types holds sway over the more primal instinctive behaviour of Mars in Leo. There could be fireworks! But do tread lightly if you are involved with anyone affected by Venus in Scorpio. They will have their way or else!

Brief mention of Pallas Athena in Leo great strength and will, goddess of wisdom and protection, sextiling Sun/Moon and all quincunx (150 degrees–energy that is available when we utilize heightened perception) Chiron in Pisces. This is called a YOD, the finger of God, pointing toward that which offers us resolution, in this case Chiron and its opposite point=10 degrees Virgo. In this case Vesta at 11 degrees Virgo conjuncts that point. Quite an opportunity to heal the tear in the fabric that we as human beings wrap our selves in. Vesta would remind us that the tear is an illusion created by old patterns and that we are in fact already perfect. Within this configuration we find strength and will to Be that which I already know my self to be.

New Moon energy affects a deep level of our being. We often sense what transpires in these realms through the reactions of others. Be observant of others reactions to you and endeavor to be sensitive to the unconscious processes that may churn the emotional waters. The ultimate experience of inner peace relies upon one’s courage to navigate these dimensions with courage.

North Node in Scorpio. Wiggling beneath scrutiny of a higher knowing. We cannot take it with us nor can we control our environment to create an illusion of security. We recognize what is duality and nonduality is known.









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