Full Moon January 2014: Who’s your mama?

Full Moon 01.15.14 @ 25 degrees Cancer 58 minutes 11:52 EST  08:52 PST

Big story this full moon is the degree to which we are challenging our selves to accept responsibility for our individual being; this in the hopes that our ‘wounds’ become less of a personal issue and are recognized as patterns perpetuated by centuries of holding onto what we perceive to be wrong. The moon is in Cancer the sign of the mother and ruler of the 4th house—home environment full moon chart jan 15 2014and inner environment—that in the very beginning is greatly or solely influenced by our connection to mother. Whatever issues tie us to the illusion of someone else being responsible for the way we experience life, are up for examination.

The closest aspect to this Moon/Sun opposition is a square from Ceres (the Mother) and a conjunction from Black Moon Lilith (the demon who devours children). Ceres is the mother in mythology who went to great extremes to protect and retrieve her child, Proserpina, from the grips of Hades while Black Moon Lilith has been portrayed as a demon who feeds upon newborns. Symbolically they represent aspects of each of us that may elicit any number of emotional responses depending upon one’s various experiences prior to inhabiting physical form and during those first few years of dependency upon mother.

For these few days before and after the Full Moon dealing with subconscious fears and insecurities may feel uncomfortable but will ultimately impel us to discover where peace and balance reside. It has nothing to do with anything outside of our selves; nothing that has occurred in the past. The past is not in this moment and without the memory of it here, there is only peace.

Ceres is in Libra so there is the notion of harmony existing when we reconcile all ambiguities and know that separation is an illusion of our physical experience and not Reality. Any and all mental constructs based upon what has happened to us can be seen as untruth as there is no individual to whom any thing ever happens. We are ‘that’ and every thing else is a story. With this known, accepting what is replaces all the judgments we ever had about our selves or any body else. We are all here and “that”.

Collective mother issues are resolved through understanding of the Self as independent of any effects from any experience here. Black Moon Lilith as an astrological point is the source of empowerment from which we leap out of the box and into limitless, boundless, identity-less Being. Conjuncting the Moon in Cancer this aspect gives us access to not only our deepest fears but also the dissolution of them; that is knowing the Self as the source of everything. This can only be perfection as it is exactly what it is. Fear resides only in duality and the notion of any thing being separate.

This may be a time of dreaming that quietly motivates the mind to dispense with thoughts of abandonment: I have never been abandoned and am always “that”. It never changes. The only things that change are the appearance of what we perceive to be separate from “that”.

Or any thoughts that cause us to suffer because we think we want something to be more, different or better than it is.

Even though we want to realize peace in this moment, the absence of want, there is still a need to care for the physical form that exists within physical structure that supports our Being in this moment. Sun in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn emphasizes the knowing that the physical structure is a product of creation and is therefore everything that we could possibly need. It is only thoughts that suggest anything otherwise. At this Full Moon we traverse the territory between the fear of not having and the knowing that we have everything already processed through the place where we recognize our Self as ‘parent’, child, creator, etc. There is no father/mother or son/daughter only expressions of what is always.

All identification with roles fades into “that” and I am free to experience “this’.

“You are This. You are Now, you are nowness:

What I is there that can be out of this Now?

You are Truth and only the Truth Is.—Sri H.W.L. Poonja, Papaji from This

The harmonic charts are divisions of a natal chart and represent the various aspects—a square for example is a 90 degree aspect and is the 4th harmonic ( 4 divided into 360=90).

The 5th harmonic is a division of 360 by 5 and equals 72. This aspect is called a quintile. Often considered a ‘minor’ aspect the quintile is actually an important function and consideration of the whole. In numerology, 5 is the first number of human creativity. It is also change wherein lies the potential for ‘lead to become gold’. As such the 5th harmonic shows us where talents and gifts are, waiting for expression—the 5th house is creative self-expression and Self realization. The 5th harmonic of this Full Moon chart has Saturn exactly square the Nodal axis implying that our potential to get from where we’ve been to where we want to go is through focus, discipline, commitment (to truth) and taking responsibility for my self.

In the natal Full Moon chart Saturn at 21 degrees Scorpio trines the Moon contributing stability to the navigation of feelings that may have been hidden or repressed for a long time. There is a precise knowing with Saturn in Scorpio that moves us beyond the fears of mundane experience to a place of tranquility once the old patterns no longer cause us to react.

The 7th harmonic chart is derived by dividing the 360 degree circle by 7=51.428….and is called a septile. As 7 is the number wherein we challenge our selves to overcome obstacles and shatter limitation, it is indicative of those who are outside of the box. There is great talent and even genius here when we have no fear of the unknown. In the 7th harmonic chart for this full Moon Saturn once again stands out as it exactly squares the Sun/Moon and is in opposition to Ceres. It would seem that we are being challenged to overcome whatever limitations we experience due to the nature of our parental axis—Capricorn/Cancer and accept responsibility for a mature and wise attitude that includes an awakened perspective. We are not nor have ever been victims a fact that allows us to proceed unencumbered by baggage and wounding. The sense of freedom this creates is a gift for which we may express gratitude daily. Though it may seem difficult, this experience of being human, it is not any thing that we do not want. When we no long have wants we don’t show up here.

During this Full Moon we might be grateful for whatever lack of resistance we demonstrate on our way to liberation. It becomes clearer and clearer that resistance is preventing us from a realization that makes it all so simple—life is and I am “that”. There is boundless joy in that truth.

Thank you. May your intentions for 2014 include clarity.

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Anna=Insight=Clarity, Simplicity. Not the answer but a means to Self- discovery--there is no where to go, no effort to be exerted only waking up to that which you are already and always. We are never lost only distracted by the luscious physicality of our experience here.
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