New Moon january 2014: Liberation from Our Roots, A Continuation

New Moon January 1, 2014 03:14 a.m. @ 10 degrees Capricorn 57 minutes

06:14 a.m. EST  03:14 a.m. PST

Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light—Theodore Roethke

As creative beings, within that, we are flowers and therefore the light.


2862[1]This article probably covers information that appears in the New Year message to be published tomorrow . If either seem repetitive skip ahead or reread for emphasis. And if possible find a high elevation from which to watch the New Year’s sunrise and to bask in the rays of grace, simplicity and clarity.

Pluto has particular significance in this New Moon chart and sets the course for not only these few days before and after but also the tone for 2014. Pluto is linked to seven planets at this time in both hard and easy aspects. The power of this ‘dwarf’ is felt in many different areas in subtle and perhaps not so subtle ways. The soft underbelly is the area of focus during this New Moon. If we have anything to hide that is the very place we will be taken en route to Self discovery and overcoming limitation both individually and globally. The exact square to Mars is a sure sign that transformation will take place. Mars here represents the reckless energy to make progress even if it does require a bit of bullying. This may not be typical Libran behaviour but when coupled with Pluto there is a need to realize the perfect order of all things that could manifest in atypically aggressive behaviour—perhaps more efficient than passive aggressiveness that leads to confusion.


The sextile to Chiron and the square to Uranus are ongoing features that promote healing of deeply rooted collective issues and evolution. Uranus clears the way and does not necessarily offer anything else with which to replace what disappears in the brilliance of blinding light.  


Pluto was assigned rulership of Scorpio as this small, cold erratic planet (Recently demoted to dwarf planet, this does not minimize  Pluto’s power to effect us on deep and transformative levels.) has the affect of eradicating whatever stands in the way of the perpetuation of the cycle inherent to the sign of triplicity. Scorpio is birth, death, rebirth, regeneration and has three corresponding symbols—the Scorpion, the Eagle and the Dove. Where Pluto is involved we can be shaken to our core if need be, to eliminate patterns that do not serve us.


Ever since Pluto entered Capricorn we have experienced the slow demise of those patterns and the rocking of fundamental foundations that have long stood on sacred ground. Pluto in the New Moon chart is 20 minutes from exact conjunction to Sun/Moon and 1 degree 4 minutes from exact conjunction to Mercury. These three orbs represent crucial modes of operation—conscious, subconscious and mind. When they are touched by Pluto change is inevitable and we want to be okay with it.


There has been a more or less tolerable level of detachment occurring since the harmonic convergence in 1987. (There would be those who disagree. The process is not the same of course, for everyone. It may seem to be more challenging for some than others).The position of Pluto here indicates a need for more flexibility this year and definitely for the days around this New Moon. And really, it couldn’t be more perfect. The less we drag with us, obviously the freer we are to “ascend” or wake up. Uranus is still involved as mentioned above though at a bit of a distance in January. There is a three degree separation from Uranus to the Pluto, Sun/Moon conjunction that creates breathing room.


Though Mars is a major player in this chart due to its association with Pluto, Sun, Moon and opposition to Uranus forming a t-square and asserting pressure for change, 9 of the 11 “planets” (considering that Pluto is a ‘dwarf’ and Chiron is an asteroid) are in feminine signs. Capricorn is a feminine sign and 5 planets occupy the sign of utilizing resources to their fullest potential. Capricorn’s identifying phrase is “I utilize”.


What we are learning to utilize here comes from a deeply reverent place of nurturing and caring. Gently embracing while powerfully intending to soften around the edges enough that we no longer judge what we think defines us—religion, culture, money etc.—there is no definition. We simply are, loving each other. Whatever I perceive I may get from anyone or anything is replaced by knowing that there is nothing to get from anyone that I don’t get from my self. It is all the same. Without expectation there is a natural flow of interacting without reaction that is real and perhaps all that is real. All of our fears and anxiety have no basis in this Reality. It is a story that we run over and over again in our heads based on something that does not exist in this moment.


All three water signs are occupied. Neptune and Chiron are in Pisces. Both of these highly sensitive bodies are positioned in a very sensitive sign, intuitive with probing tendricles that penetrate the furthest reaches of space. Neptune ruler of Pisces has been there since August 2011 and will remain so until 2025. Chiron has been in Pisces since April 2010 and remains so until 2018. This ongoing combination is transmitting a deeply healing vibration which on a collective level means the demise of old patterns without any thought that they should be replaced by anything else. Chiron forms an exact sextile to the Sun/Moon while Neptune at 3 degrees Pisces quietly and subtly touches our psyche to elicit change.


Jupiter in Cancer conjunct the Black Moon Lilith is loosely opposing the Capricorn stellium. Whatever insecurity may exist at the level of our roots, the confidence inherent in the influence of Jupiter, due to a wisdom that transcends mundane experience and an expanded sense of existence, is being eradicated through a penetrating sense of well-being. Though BML can represent our deepest fears and embody our most vicious behaviour, in relation to Jupiter, BML ‘remembers’ prior to exile into the desert of our collective psyche. Returning to an Eden filled with abundance, BML offers us gifts of overwhelming beauty, grace and joy. We have only to pick from the tree and delight in the fruit.


Saturn, ruler of Capricorn and Keeper of the Gate that stands between Earth and Heaven resides in Scorpio presently, the sign ruled by Pluto which means they are in mutual reception (in each others signs) therefore enhancing the relationship between them. In this case and for some time to come, the occupation of transformation goes hand in hand quite intimately, with the ability to dissolve old patterns. There is such an unconscious involved here that actually human beings are required to do nothing except accept the moment. It is all happening despite our grandest efforts to achieve or change or resist the process.


At this New Moon we are grateful to have a reason to write these words, seeds of opportunity, not that they need be said even, only that a form of communication is a pleasant way to experience the I am that is me and we and everything. Blessings to you for a delightful knowing.    


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Anna=Insight=Clarity, Simplicity. Not the answer but a means to Self- discovery--there is no where to go, no effort to be exerted only waking up to that which you are already and always. We are never lost only distracted by the luscious physicality of our experience here.
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2 Responses to New Moon january 2014: Liberation from Our Roots, A Continuation

  1. Calvin Wood says:

    Wednesday, January 15, 2014 at 11:53 PM EST there is a Full Moon in Cancer. Full Moon’s have a popular ‘orb of influence’ of 4-5 days on either side of it but I like to give it a full 7-day ‘orb of influence’ to account for your intuition. Sit back and think about how bright a Full Moon is and how you can literally see in the dark by the Light of a Full Moon. Seriously, don’t read any further right now for a couple of minutes. Just take in the awesomeness of how the Light of the Moon can serve as a flashlight when we are in the dark. Think about the contrast here between Light and dark. Picture these moonbeams shining like a flashlight on a certain area of your Life. It’s like seeing a dark stage with a spotlight shining on the performer, which makes the subject or subject matter pretty dang obvious. Well this Full Moon is shining its moonbeams on your 10th house of career, profession, authority figures, the father, public recognition and your Life outside of your home and family. This also has to do with your status in the community and ‘rank’ in society. This could have something to do with a new job, a new title or public recognition coming in another form. This may be the affirmation or confirmation about your career or job that you have been seeking. Pay attention to authority figures because there is something there. You may become an authority figure or you may need to follow the advice, direction or lead of an authority figure.

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