New Moon in Scorpio November 3, 2013: Ready or Not Here it is

New Moon/Solar Eclipse November 3, 2013 @ 11 degrees Scorpio 16 minutes

7:50 a.m. EST 4:50 a.m. PST

article-2289460-1879A6E2000005DC-369_964x643“We scorpions are the interpreters—our sign is the one most closely linked to mysticism, intuition and the occult—the domain of powerful female intelligences. It is true that Scorpio has also always been linked to the destructive aspects of male sexuality. The shape of the creature, the venomous liquid projected from its tail, is sufficient reminder of this. But in mythology it may often represent destructiveness subordinated to female wisdom and power.”—A.S. Byatt, A Whistling Woman (based on writings of Madame Blavatsky)

As mentioned in the October Full Moon report we should be prepared for eruptions.  Mt. Etna, Europe’s most active volcano spewed October 27th in the wee early hours though no evacuations were necessary in spite of lava flow. I think we are not limited to one such occurrence.

Is every New/Full Moon a powerful event? It certainly seems like the energy of these lunar phases has really revved our engines for a couple of years now. And this New Moon in Scorpio is no exception. In fact we are presented with a stellium in Scorpio (Saturn 13 deg., Sun/Moon 11 deg., Mercury 7 deg. conjunct north node 7 deg.) that pronounces multi-level emotional experience in part motivated by a sextile to Mars in Virgo (refined and civilized). Methodical and practical this Mars encourages behaviour based upon analysis and solid evidence rather than emotional projection. The origin of the expression may be highly intuitive/psychic, as is the realm of Scorpio, but the articulation will be clear and rational.

This combination, Mars in Virgo and Sun/Moon in Scorpio is a beneficial aspect (Earth meets Water harmonious and nurturing) that brings the relatively subverted nature of Scorpio out into the light of reality for us to examine with somewhat less emotional attachment. The motivation in this New Moon would be to find functional expression for what might otherwise be overwhelming/and or obsessive thinking that takes us down the rat hole. With Mercury retrograde in Scorpio until the 10th, getting lost in the depths of one’s fears, anxieties and insecurities is a possibility. Conversely, creating avenues for meaningful communication that serve to evolve one from illusion to truth are also a possibility. What seeps up from the deep may have lasting affects that structure life in a very different way.

Certainly with Saturn as part of the group, old patterns will be jettisoned from the murky waters of chaos leaving one a whole lot clearer and sharper. Deep, serious and dwelling in the realm of destruction and rebirth, Scorpio takes us on a sweeping journey to illuminate the dark and frightening recesses of some very limiting human behaviour motivated by ancient thought.

The solar eclipse at this time magnifies the intensity of this already highly volatile period. New beginnings are without doubt indicated. Whatever gets torn down will create room for something else or nothing else to come in depending on your mind’s belief tendencies at the end of this conjunction. You may recognize that all beliefs have their roots in the past and as such, being temporary, are an illusion.

As suggested by the quote at the beginning of this article, Scorpio inhabits the sexual arena as an intrinsic part of its experience. Both masculine and feminine sexuality find intense and deeply expressive opportunities in this sign. This energy goes beyond the physical expression of one’s sexuality as in Scorpio (Pluto/Mars rulers) the sexual act is perceived as having the power to unite one with a higher force. The goal here is the knowing of the cycle that is humanity (birth, death, rebirth, regeneration) in order to transcend it and not to become attached to any one aspect of it. The compulsion to unite can become an obsession—to transcend physical reality—like a drug or alcohol, is an addiction that takes us further from the ‘goal’ as separation is immediately or eventually the result. And like the venom from a scorpion’s sting, our addictions may become toxic thus slowly poisoning us.

With Saturn conjunct the Sun/Moon whatever patterns we have, or beliefs that encourage addictions of any kind will be under intense scrutiny. One does not need to have planets in Scorpio to feel the effects of these few days. Somewhere in everyone’s chart is a house ruled or occupied by Scorpio (for those with Scorpio intercepted for example this sign still resides in a house). That house therefore and all aspects to Mars/Pluto and the 8th house naturally ruled by Scorpio may be examined to gain further individual insight. The elimination of that which is toxic to all systems is imperative. Such is the feeling of numerous planets in this sign. If you have ever known anyone with a stellium in Scorpio or one heavily aspected by this sign and or Pluto/Mars you will recognize how intensely ‘devoted’ these people are to the deeper meaning of life in general and their interactions with them selves and others. The experience with such a person can feel smothering or highly inspirational.

Of interest during this New Moon is the fixed star Acrux, the ‘foot of the cross’ that conjuncts (within a degree) this Moon. In the constellation of the Southern Cross, (visible only in the Southern Hemisphere) Acrux has been the guiding star for not only sailors but also Earth bound individuals. The base star and the star at the top of the cross Gacrux are almost exactly parallel. Thus the ability for the two lights to be used as time-keeper and directional points. This constellation though the smallest of the 88 constellations has great importance to countries of the Southern Hemisphere. So steady and familiar is it that it has a place set in the subconscious of those fortunate enough to have seen it regularly in the night sky reminding us of the descension of spirit into matter.

At one time this constellation was also visible in the Northern Hemisphere and was associated with Centaurus. It fell below the horizon sometime near 400 AD a date that coincides with the adoption of Christianity in the Roman Empire.  The symbolism of this constellation and its influence upon us now is crucial as we movie beyond beliefs of all religious, social, political conditioning. It demonstrates to a deep level of knowing a simple truth—we are that—‘spirit’ in physical form. And, isn’t it fortunate that in order to ‘get’ any of this there is nothing we need do as everything happens as it will regardless of any attempt on my part to do anything.

The quote which begins this article neglects to include the very transformative aspect of Scorpio that moves from scorpion to eagle to dove.  As most of us know once the base nature of Scorpio is brought into balance we transcend the physical limitations of the human being and awake into awareness of Self. The inner peace this is, can be symbolized as the white dove of peace. The Keys of Enoch, a book full of mystery and information to ignite our ‘desires’ for freedom; to rise from the denser environment controlled by the ego. In this book it suggests the United States as the white dove of peace; that this country as a melting pot for many nations, whose roots go too deeply to detach from beliefs easily, has the potential to lead the world in establishing peace.

The Sun/Moon conjunction approaches a trine with the U.S. Sun at 13 degrees Cancer and nears the 12th house cusp. Saturn is exactly trine the U.S. Sun that creates an easy flow of energy to: take responsibility, focus on, be disciplined, have positive boundaries, be the teacher. Both the positive and negative aspects of this combination may be experienced. Instead of relentless however, as might be the experience considering the natal Saturn square Sun, the trine provides a harmonious energy with which to resolve old karma. Such would be the position of the white dove of peace—to utilize Saturn in Libra as a catalyst for peaceful resolution.

We know that strong forces are at work not just due to the line up in Scorpio but also as this is a solar eclipse and the last eclipse of the year. The Sun will be obscured at sunrise on the East coast of North America and throughout South America and Africa; moments of prolonged darkness that symbolically supply us with just a bit of extra time to remain submerged in observation not thought. Whether we sleep or not, whether we witness a sunrise or a sunset. We will be affected in a way that moves collective consciousness to a place nearer truth– life is—more loving, compassionate, harmonious. So, what appears to be a frightening few days to those who take notice, be assured that what is transpiring leads us to a place of greater relaxation and peace. For all the emotions that we feel and attend to there is a moment of peace that follows. Eventually there is only peace.











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