New Moon in Libra, October 2013: Can’t Hold Onto What We Do Not Have

New Moon October 4, 2013 @11 degrees Libra 56 minutes 8:34 EDT p.m. 5:34 p.m. PDT

“Do you imagine the universe is agitated? Go into the desert at night and look at the stars. This practice should answer the question.” ―Lao Tzu

Exploring The Ancient Caves In ThailandSeptember 20th Pluto went direct. Small planet, big meaning, subtle effects—transformation will be the result. Pluto, Underworld dweller, occupies a dark place in the human psyche. Not bad. Deep not revealed. Where truths lie hidden in thick shadow. When retrograde this planet/asteroid operates at an even less perceivable level. And resuming regular motion, which for Pluto can be somewhat erratic (Pluto has an eccentric orbit), does not mean everything suddenly becomes clear. However, based upon all that has led us to this moment, Pluto activity is part of our awareness. We are feeling the results of its journey into our deep unconscious realms. Its transformative influence affects this planet Earth and us in a way that is no longer that subtle. The hidden feelings and thoughts lurking in shadow have been nudged into the slow stream flowing toward consciousness. We may wake up for several days greeted by fears and apprehensions that long have limited our abilities to be free. We sense change in human existence and change within this planet.

Our home base is of course experiencing a similar path of evolution to the human population. It is demonstrating the effects of Plutonian pressure to eliminate and transform in only a slightly different manner. Explosions have a way of altering landscapes both external and internal in an unarguably cathartic manner clearing debris and elucidating the way.

Agitation is defined as a state of excitement, disturbance, or worry, the act of moving something vigorously, the shaking or stirring of something, the act of attempting to stir up public opinion for or against something. We could experience any one of these states or all of these states over the next few days. What might otherwise be assumed to be a peaceful and balanced lunar phase in Libra, sign of the scales and ruled by Venus changes dramatically when opposed by Uranus at 10 degrees Aries and squared by Pluto at 9 degrees Capricorn.

There could be stillness where there is not light, but here in the emptiness is the unsettled nature of a soul restless with desire, not for anything tangible but for exactly what this New Moon should instill, inner peace such as one feels when awake to one’s true Self. But based on millennia of conditioning we remain separate from “that”. Pluto and Uranus will insist upon returning home—at any cost. Resistance is futile. Everything here, that moves and changes is subject to impermanence and will desist at some time in duality. What we truly are is, always. Whatever we appear to lose here is an illusion.

In addition to these two outer planets working to bring about transformation, are several sesquisquares, an aspect of 135 degrees=a square plus a semi-square–doesn’t feel comfortable does it? It isn’t. Furthermore this disharmonious geometry applies to situations of stubborn adherence. In a natal chart a sesquisquare indicates where we tenaciously cling to old patterns. The energy of this aspect will in such cases insist upon surrender.

We have all heard about people who have experienced accidents that alter their lives—near death experiences shock them into a different reality. They wake up. It is this kind of falling off the cliff situation that we may face during this New Moon as there are four significant sesquisquares involved—that between Pluto and Mars, Mars and Uranus, Uranus and Venus (this forms a DOD with Uranus at the apex as Mars and Venus are square-I have so named this aspect, do or die by nature of its drastic insistence upon change) and Jupiter and Neptune. We’re in for a significant rousting.

The results of these aspects may manifest anytime between now and the Full Moon at 25 degrees Aries on October 18th. There is a fifth sesquisquare involving Saturn and the Black Moon Lilith the energy of which will be experienced somewhat differently as BML is a point and as such does not conduct energy. The BML is being focused upon by the Lord of Karma and the Master of responsibility.  The BML is the point representing Self-empowerment or realization. When we dispense with individual identification we find our selves standing as “that”, simply Being and free. BML is in Gemini—illuminating the mind and with Mercury in Scorpio, a profoundly susceptive position; the message is received not by verbal conveyance.

Remember that the nature of a New Moon is Yin, receptive, the in-breath. We’re taking in what we need in order to ‘discover’ truth of Being. This is a time for realization of truth to restore balance and peace. Our actions must portray what lies deep within—our central desire. With Mars/Venus square the desire nature could wage war upon a greater sense of well-being. What better way to discover what lies within and sometimes hidden by fastidious control mechanisms? We get to see some of what we stubbornly adhere to. As it is Venus that rules this New Moon we might assume her intentions for intimate relationship of all types holds sway over the more primal instinctive behaviour of Mars in Leo. There could be fireworks! But do tread lightly if you are involved with anyone affected by Venus in Scorpio. They will have their way or else!

Brief mention of Pallas Athena in Leo great strength and will, goddess of wisdom and protection, sextiling Sun/Moon and all quincunx (150 degrees–energy that is available when we utilize heightened perception) Chiron in Pisces. This is called a YOD, the finger of God, pointing toward that which offers us resolution, in this case Chiron and its opposite point=10 degrees Virgo. In this case Vesta at 11 degrees Virgo conjuncts that point. Quite an opportunity to heal the tear in the fabric that we as human beings wrap our selves in. Vesta would remind us that the tear is an illusion created by old patterns and that we are in fact already perfect. Within this configuration we find strength and will to Be that which I already know my self to be.

New Moon energy affects a deep level of our being. We often sense what transpires in these realms through the reactions of others. Be observant of others reactions to you and endeavor to be sensitive to the unconscious processes that may churn the emotional waters. The ultimate experience of inner peace relies upon one’s courage to navigate these dimensions with courage.

North Node in Scorpio. Wiggling beneath scrutiny of a higher knowing. We cannot take it with us nor can we control our environment to create an illusion of security. We recognize what is duality and nonduality is known.










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Anna=Insight=Clarity, Simplicity. Not the answer but a means to Self- discovery--there is no where to go, no effort to be exerted only waking up to that which you are already and always. We are never lost only distracted by the luscious physicality of our experience here.
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