Astrology of New Moon September 5 2013: The Answer is Simple-Let the Mind Rest

New Moon September 5, 2013 @13 degrees Virgo 7:36 a.m EDT 4:36 a.m. PDT

No question is so difficult to answer as that to which the answer is obvious. ~George Bernard Shaw

Busy and efficient, curiously candid and impassively critical, very sensitive to stimuli–these are a few qualities that relate to this New Moon ruled by Mercury, also in Virgo. Intensely focused on issues of a practical nature and determined to find ways of resolving anything that does not add up to perfection. On a practical level this can mean taking care of business that has escaped scrutiny. The eyes open and we perceive a different set of characteristics defining a situation. If some aspect of your life has been hazy or indefinable the truth of the matter may leap out at you now with neon intensity shouting the solution. Where might this clarity come from? As Mercury represents various pathways of communication, you may experience a temporary rewiring of the neural network accentuating your powers of analysis and discrimination.

Virgo takes a detour around the heart and heads straight to the mind. This means the ability to remain emotionally detached long enough to successfully negotiate challenging circumstances that are otherwise, confusing and/or complex. This based upon Virgo’s definitive approach to problem solving. No task left unfinished.

Virgo has its share of insecurities that, in this chart, are being generously assuaged by Jupiter in Cancer sextiling Moon/Sun—the gentle, loving caress that allows us to know that everything will be all right—nothing to worry about. Virgo can worry. All those thoughts circulating in the head looking for the perfect way to express can cause concern.

Will it/I be good enough, perfect enough? The task of Virgo is to recognize the self as already perfect. An opposition to Chiron in Pisces assists in recognizing the inherent flaw in human discernment that can free us from the bonds of suffering—that we are NOT that which we seek and must strife to attain perfection through various means and methods that leave us feeling frustrated and confused.

Chiron opposite Moon/Sun=knowing that rules are limiting; that conventional answers lack validity; that the “answers” lie within one self.

Chiron in Pisces represents the wounds we suffer based upon the story of Jesus and his self-sacrifice in order to relief us of our sins. A strong pattern of servitude/salvation developed which in astrology is symbolized by the Virgo/Pisces axis. Deeply hidden within the illusion of self is the truth of Self—that I am “that” and no amount of suffering or doing of any kind will accelerate my realization of “that”. The only requirement is relaxing in what is, as it is.

Somewhere within the analytical machinations of Virgo is a truth visible when the mind ceases to habituate, a recognition possible when the mind realizes that everything is as it should be and there is nothing to do. Instant relief—freedom.

Uranus quincunx the Moon/Sun and semi-sextile Chiron provides outrageous amperage to kick start the jump from ordinary space to hyperspace. Just on the other side of reality is Reality. Whatever gets singed in the process is part of the change that occurs in our mutable existence here on our way to awakening to our true nature, that which is impervious to change. Most of the time what we seek here eludes us like the details of the previous nights dream whilst all along the details are not what we want to remember but are much better forgotten.

Mercury itself takes on particular meaning in this New Moon chart not only because of exaltation in Virgo but also as it tops the heap of planets when stacked by degree. At 23 degrees 30 minutes, Mercury’s domination of this charts dynamics is amplified but influenced by the next planet in the pile that is Venus very close at 23 degrees 18 minutes. Much of the activity here may go on in the mind but it does so with a harmonious and loving nudge from the planet of relationship in the sign of relationship. A line up that might otherwise be felt as nerve wracking is appeased and soothed by the goddess of love and adoration. Together with Jupiter in Cancer this makes for a time of self-confidence rather than self-doubt and self-appreciation rather than self-criticism.

And what a wonderful effect this has on others all around us!  So, even though we are in the dark of the Moon there will be little fumbling around for lack of light. The light from within shines brightly enough to illuminate the darkest shadows and bring clarity to life’s most confounding questions. I have never met a Virgo who did not have the answer.







About buddhalaugh

Anna=Insight=Clarity, Simplicity. Not the answer but a means to Self- discovery--there is no where to go, no effort to be exerted only waking up to that which you are already and always. We are never lost only distracted by the luscious physicality of our experience here.
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