New Moon August 2013: Lightening Strikes Again

New Moon August 6, 2013 @ 14 degrees Leo 5:51 p.m. EDT 2:51 p.m. PDT

“Once the soul awakens, the search begins and you can never go back. From then on, you are inflamed with a special longing that will never again let you linger in the lowlands of complacency and partial fulfillment. The eternal makes you urgent. You are loath to let compromise or the threat of danger hold you back from striving toward the summit of fulfillment.” ― John O’Donohue, Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom

Energy from the Star of David on July 29th is still emanating from powerful geometry that will continue to affect us indefinitely. From this perspective the sextiles between six planets (moon, Pluto, Venus in Earth and Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter in Water) initiated a furthering of our desires for awareness that cannot help but create less judgment, more honesty and infinite grace—grace being presence—our natural state.

So, what is it the New Moon in Leo can offer in relation to what has recently taken place? There are few aspects to the conjunction of Sun and Moon in August. What is taking place is therefore quite apparent. The most obvious is a trine to Uranus at 12 degrees Aries. We have talked previously about the nature of Uranus in Aries, briefly Uranus is called the ‘Awakener’ and Aries is ‘I seek myself”, a readily available prescription for Self-realization—if we want that. The Sun/Moon conjunction is always a lunar phase during which we can achieve a deeper glimpse of Self, as the tendency is inward.

What does that mean when the Moon is in Leo? The typical manner of expression of this Moon is ‘me’ centered and what I need. The natural radiance of Leo can be about being noticed.

There are at least two perspectives concerning the way in which this might manifest. The first is a much-needed realization that it is good for me to recognize need, to recognize that I have wants/needs if that has not been the case in the past. It might have benefit to wake up to self en route to Self if that has not yet occurred. This may involve emotional release work as we are still under the influence of the grand trine in water. Patience is advised as well as great love and respect for the self as you navigate these waters. And, nobody else has ever had exactly your experience so others may not understand what you are going through. Have respect and understanding of this as well. Minimize drama. It is a distraction. If it happens carry on. Do not judge yourself.

The second way in which this Moon can express itself is through shining the light and warmth of the intrinsic nature. This is essentially presence, without need or desire, no expectation of outcome to benefit ‘me’ as there is no ‘me’, Being that which it is. Even in the darkest phase of the Moon and from the deepest recesses of awareness that light radiates with brilliance. Uranus will encourage expression that is not based in individual identification and from a place of non-emotional attachment. It seems as though we’ve been struck by lightning a few times over the last several months, jolted into awakening.

The second aspect of the Sun/Moon in Leo is a square to the North and South nodes in Scorpio/Taurus respectively. Whatever planet/s form a 90-degree angle to the nodal axis we know as having the capacity to distill what is known from the past with what is experienced now. “Been there done that” is a phrase frequently used when there is no need to engage in certain behaviors again or if one’s experience in the past has been positive, then that contributes to the evolvement of ones choices or expressions as well.

When the Sun and Moon are conjunct there is the potential to take what has contributed to the sense of the self as ‘whole’ (in the case of Taurus South Node=security in knowing self as secure in physical reality) in order to realize freedom from the perpetual cycle that is related to humanity—birth, death, rebirth, regeneration (the realm of Scorpio). In other words, having recognized the nature of duality, the essence of nonduality is known.

We all approach the possibilities offered here from different places of experience and yet every one of us has the same potential to wake up to the Reality of Being.

Another kite formation involving the grand trine in water. This time with Jupiter at the apex across from Pluto sextiling Saturn and Neptune. The continuation of purging feelings that link us to the past and having the benefit of wisdom, discipline and compassion to do so. At this time the effects of the grand trine in water are dissipating. When Jupiter moves to 10 degrees it will be pretty much out of aspect with Neptune at 4 degrees leaving the trine between Saturn and Neptune to continue. This kite emphasizes the use of an expanded sense of feeling to intuit what is beyond the illusion.

Looking through my notes for this New Moon article I find I have written “a lovely sextile between Venus and Mars” as reminder to mention this occurrence. Lovely is not a term I ordinarily use as regards astrology. What I think is, that with all the deep and profound energy imbuing us with grace the added harmony of these two planets, that are contrary by nature, is a lovely dance that adds to the sense of inner peace settling upon most of us in this moment. Again we are blessed with synchronicity as we gallop or meander upon our way.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned the Sabian Symbols for a while. This one, for 15 degrees Leo (always round up to the next degree) demonstrates a wonderful quality of this New Moon that refers back to what was said about sharing who we are, the brilliance of Leo radiating.

“A Pageant, With Its Spectacular Floats, Moves Along A Street Crowded With Cheering People”(from the Sabian Symbols by Dane Rudyar)

Are we not overjoyed at the sight of people when they are them selves!? We are happy for them but more importantly happy for us because it gives us permission to do the same. And when we are our selves we are just flowing and everything happens perfectly. There is no resistance only acceptance to what is and life is without suffering.

This New Moon further instills a sense of deep connection and a desire to share that, that cannot be prevented. All of us aware of our intrinsic connectedness and loving nature.






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Anna=Insight=Clarity, Simplicity. Not the answer but a means to Self- discovery--there is no where to go, no effort to be exerted only waking up to that which you are already and always. We are never lost only distracted by the luscious physicality of our experience here.
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  1. Lucira Jane Nebelung says:

    This was beautiful! Thank you! Lj


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