Full Moon July 2013, 0 Degrees Aquarius: Dawning of Awareness

Full Moon July 22, 2013 @ 0 degrees Aquarius 2:15 p.m. EDT 11:15 a.m. PDT

Dawning of awareness.  The Sun radiates confidence in Leo; spreads warmth and generosity. The light of acceptance reaches far and deep. Bursting with enthusiasm and rising to stunning heights we are brilliance illumined. That’s what this Full Moon is.

Imagine while observing that luminous orb, a bolt of lightning piercing the third eye, crisping neurons that feed information from point A to point B. Suddenly you have no beliefs or thoughts that inhibit your growth. There is no gentle arm about the shoulders hugging you into a sense of security. On the contrary! It’s tough love! No warm fuzzies with Moon in Aquarius.  Here the needs involve emotional detachment or freedom from that which binds us. Hence emotional maturity and independence.

The characteristic nature of Aquarius Moon, dissolution of rigid structure, independence, being free to express what is ‘the true Self’ and collective goals, evolution of humankind, is being tempered by a square from Saturn at 4 degrees Scorpio. Half way from Sun to Moon, Saturn is the fulcrum that focuses intent upon reconciling our notion of separation. Sun in Leo is a mature sense of self while Moon in Aquarius shines from a place of heightened interpersonal interaction. Saturn encourages the elimination of patterns that prevent the harmonious blending of opposites—the knowing that there are no opposites just what is. Saturn in Scorpio scours the depths to dispel the fears that bind us to relative existence. Here, in relation to Sun (the conscious self) and Moon (instinctive self), Saturn is one drop of water spreading out across the firmament to eventually dissolve all in its path. There is no thing that is this or that—there is only “that”. I am not conscious of self or conscious of other as separate from “that” which I am. Saturn promotes this realization through the timely death of ego concerns.

There exists a serious desire for realization based upon a glimpse of what is beyond the suffering, ‘this I create through adherence to expectation of outcome’. This Full Moon may not be the summer party one might anticipate at this time of year but a continuation of dispelling myth to embrace truth. This, in whatever way is appropriate for you. Everything is perfect and nothing to do, fix or plan. With the opposition of the Sun in Leo ruled by the Sun and Moon in Aquarius ruled by Uranus, there is only shining through the light of Being.

Also occurring at this time is a 150 degree aspect from Venus in Virgo (critical eye. non-emotional. reserved) and the same from Pallas Athena in Cancer (sees through emotions) to the Moon—all are 0 degrees. A potent situation but one not easily experienced through conventional perception. This configuration demands the use of empathy and a sense of the self as perfect to allay judgment and criticism, even temporarily, to release one from identification with doubt or lack of love. Unconditional love, what exists beyond the illusion, flows forth from source.

There is no one to whom judgment may be directed. There is no one to judge.

All the while the Grand trine in water continues to treat our emotional condition to examination, expression and eventual harmonization, inner peace. Now with the added impetus of a Jupiter/Mars conjunction, there is a tremendous energy devoted to conquering stoicism and the denial of what lies deeply hidden in the nooks and crannies of our psyches. We wish to bravely but gently expunge from our minds all memory of the inglorious past and let it fade into the nothing from which it arose. Empty headed we face what is with absolute acceptance and without thought that something should or should not—be.

And by the way Pluto ever vigilant toward elimination and transformation stands opposite this conjunction just in case there should be any notion of clinging or hiding.

And if for even a moment we should question the ability to fly high enough to capture reality, let it be known that the Full Moon is conjunct Tarazed in the constellation Aquila, the Eagle, who carried Zeus’s thunderbolts. In Hindu mythology this is the constellation Garuda, the half man half eagle God who served as Vishnu’s method of transport, Vishnu being the supreme God.

In Chinese mythology this constellation does not exist. The star Tarazed, along with several others, belongs to the Turtle that rules the North direction, the color black and whose shell represents the vault of the Universe. The Turtle is longevity and alludes to the unchanging nature of what is, always. In some cultures North represents the hero’s journey, this analogous of the path upon which we travel in search of Self.

No wiggle room in these few days before and after. Mercury is now direct but has not escaped yet the square with Uranus that continues the reaming process. No thoughts of the past that limit me in any way! I am freedom. Feel primarily and so am rid of fears that do not allow me to intuit the truth. Also conjunct Mercury is the Black Moon Lilith so we know, we are stripped to the bare bones; exposed to daylight the simplicity of that which we are. When there is nothing left there is everything.

Our perceived wounds healed, fears vanquished; nothing to inform us that any thing should or should not be in any way. Naked beneath the blazing Sun and bathed in the milky white, blue of an Aquarius Moon we are, it is.


About buddhalaugh

Anna=Insight=Clarity, Simplicity. Not the answer but a means to Self- discovery--there is no where to go, no effort to be exerted only waking up to that which you are already and always. We are never lost only distracted by the luscious physicality of our experience here.
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2 Responses to Full Moon July 2013, 0 Degrees Aquarius: Dawning of Awareness

  1. Lucira Jane Nebelung says:

    This is an amazing interpretation to bathe ourSelves in! With Great Appreciation and Much Love, Lj


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