July: Spring into summer. It happens! Be Happy!

In nature, things generally do not change course unless something changes it for them: this is not resistance, on the part of the thing, it is to yield when appropriate. The course of the wind is choicelessly changed by the hill; the wind changes the course of the fallen leaf the leaf changes the course of the beetle.

Was it the leaf that changed the course of the beetle, or was it the hill, or was it the wind?

The energy of the beetle yields, when appropriate to transformation by the beak of the raven. What was the cause of the meeting with the raven, in the change of course for the energy of the beetle? Was it the wind? Or the hill? Or the leaf? –Robert Wolfe, Abiding in Nondual Awareness www.livingnonduality.com

It either comes to us or it does not. No amount of effort can change that.

One drop of rain meets another drop of rain keeps spreading out indefinitely. There is no need to do anything. It happens. One “guru” meets another “guru”.  The truth spreads.  It happens.

On June 25th the planet Jupiter (the teacher and ruler of Sagittarius, I seek truth and alternatively ruler of Pisces, I am truth) went into Cancer and for the next year will occupy the sign of the mother, the 4th house and inner affairs. Cancer is the realm of feeling and sensing connection to others, on a primal level, that originally assisted human beings in avoiding danger. Belonging to the group was a matter of self-preservation. As we evolve, connecting with this intuitive process allows one to recognize the association we have with all things with a similar result. As recognition of I as “that”, all that is, we are filled with inner peace. Going a little step further is the knowing that as “that” we never die but exist always. Fears dissipate. Death no longer need represent the terrifying threshold into non-existence. Non-existence is not possible.

With Jupiter in Cancer there is an opportunity for exploring our feeling nature without fear. The characteristic of Jupiter is toward trust and growth, rather the opposite of Cancer that craves security. This results in contraction whereas Jupiter would encourage expansion. Cancer can be dominated by association with ‘family’, as mentioned previously this was a necessary part of survival. Now there is a need to associate with the family that is humanity—easing into knowing that we are all one. As we recognize this through feeling the connection, energy will continue to shift to bring about change in our attitude toward each other and the planet.

On the 29th of July an astrological pattern known as a Star of David will form in Earth and Water. What this means is 2 grand trines (3 planets at 180 degrees to each other) overlapping such that all 6 planets are joined by sextiles (60 degree aspects). These formations are not common as six planets within 3 degrees of each other and 60 degrees apart is quite remarkable. It affects everybody. It would be equally as remarkable if this did not aspect something in your own chart. In numerology 6 is the number of “as above, so below” manifesting peace in duality. The peacemaker opens a gateway for the influx of resonate interaction. The cosmos exhales, the earth inhales. We all relax. Earth and Water hugging each other in harmonious resonance. The self, accepting it Self.

July is declared the month of the “guru”. That means no longer identifying with that which creates separation but following the natural course to knowing I am “that”. No better way to observe this than to see it reflected (the Self) through a “teacher” who is already aware. When I am in proximity of “that” (which the teacher “is”, in some cases, not all) “that”, which is this, recognizes itself and emerges from the myriad beliefs that ordinarily stand in the way of the truth of Self.

As you would expect, many of the great teachers have Jupiter prominent in their charts. Eckhart Tolle has Jupiter in Sagittarius trine Mars/Saturn, opposition Uranus and sextile Sun. Ramana Maharshi has Jupiter in Pisces opposition Uranus, sextile Sun and sextile a Chiron/Neptune conjunction. Papaji, Jupiter in Libra conjunct the Sun square Neptune, trine Pluto, trine Chiron and square Uranus. The list goes on. The teaching has always been for the individual to realize their own truth and then to share this with others which happens quite naturally as, when one is Self realized there is no greater desire; to write, to speak, to sit in silence emanating presence; a profound gift.

Today I acquired a little painting, 12”x12” executed by a seven year old. I am experiencing the mind of a child, so much freer than many adults’ minds and highly sophisticated in the art of spontaneous creativity—that which flows from source. I stare at it with admiration of bold color and hasty brushstrokes that fall together with amazing harmony; and completely captivated, by its ability to invoke stillness; the present moment. Curious, I looked up features of a 2006 natal chart for the artist to find a

Jupiter (expansion)/Uranus (awakening) trine in water and a square to Saturn (the teacher) and Chiron (the healer) from Jupiter. The Guru at work!

July and reasons to Rejoice!

Saturn goes direct July 7th. You say you never noticed that Saturn was retrograde? Well that is understandable (depending on what house transiting Saturn in Scorpio inhabits in your natal chart) Saturn in Scorpio has withdrawn its energy to levels beyond day vision. If you don’t own a pair of night vision goggles you will just have to use your intuition to keep up with Saturn’s progress here digging up those really old patterns that cause unreasonable fear that emerges for no apparent reason. Essentially we are compelled to confront our neuroses and deeply imbedded compulsions and/or addictions that represent, apparently, a lot of limitation. This happens the day before a New Moon in Cancer. Once we take out the trash we can really admire that clean, empty space all the while anxiously awaiting what might rise up out of it!

Mercury goes direct July 20th. The usual 3 weeks (or so) of minor communication mishaps comes to an end. It’s okay to sign contracts etc. And just in time for the Full Moon in Aquarius! The lower mind can direct itself toward the purpose of the higher mind awakening, Uranus ruler of Aquarius being known as the Awakener. And Mercury is in Cancer relating again to feeling it rather than thinking it.

Mars begins its transit through Cancer July 13th. Of course it’s necessary to mention this. The planet of aggression and action slips into the chilly waters of a softer, subtler form of relating that actually encourages gentle and compassionate action. Traditionally they say not a strong place for Mars. No, it is true. Here Mars doesn’t get to rely on conventional means of expression but must find more harmonious ways of interacting to soothe and calm what appears as typical insecurities.

It’s Summer! July is an effervescent summer month. Exuberance for life and play and sharing good times and abundant food is a priority. This brings to mind the Sun, number XIX of the Tarot, Major Arcana, a child (and the inner child) astride a beautiful horse, open, happy and sharing warmth and vitality with all. It is the heart radiating love and joy in a manner that cannot help but affect everyone in its path. Happy radiating!


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Anna=Insight=Clarity, Simplicity. Not the answer but a means to Self- discovery--there is no where to go, no effort to be exerted only waking up to that which you are already and always. We are never lost only distracted by the luscious physicality of our experience here.
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