Spring Equinox 2013: Potentiality and Permission


Aries (Photo credit: verseguru)

Spring Equinox March 20th, 2013 @4:02 a.m. PDT

It is spring! I give my self permission to explore and inhabit a new world of absolute potentiality. There are seamless expanses of silence that are limitless possibility within which to ‘be’,  here and now. And life shows up!

Bees swarm, oak trees let loose their feathery catkins, flowers pop up en masse, hillsides erupt in color. This is spring and responding to these invigorating signs of renewal/revival human beings feel happy and an abundance of renewed energy. Love opens the heart for all things as sunny days promise the potential for dreams to be realized as the imagination takes flight! Some of this may be attributed to the Sun moving into Aries, a sign that inhabits optimism and has a desire for the creative approach to everything—work, relationship, play, all manner of pursuit. No time for careful consideration or rumination. This is the time to seize opportunity and explore new territory, to rise to challenge and leap into the unknown. There is a vast world waiting to be discovered that begins with the Self. Aries’ focus=I seek my Self.

With Mars, ruler of Aries in its own sign and approaching rather quickly Uranus planet of revolution for evolution, we could be in for exciting times that manifest in all areas of experience—from the very mundane nature of day to day life to the sometimes less obvious dimensions of our spiritual nature. Each has an affect on the other and in the seamless reality of the absolute everything rises and falls in synchronicity, harmony and is perfect. Questions fade away without answers and issues dissolve as attachment to the past releases and finds residence in the perpetual inhale/exhale or the stillness left when the mind desists from its habit of informing us in ways that leave us in ‘not peace’.

In the early hours of morning before daylight returns you to memory and conditioned response, before you open your eyes to the way you have done things for your whole life—do not think but experience the totality of existence here and now, the simplicity of “that”, “that”. The first thing to erupt on this day is a smile that spreads across your face knowing that everything is perfect and I need do nothing to make it so. It just is. Then leap from bed and share your light. In fact, it would be impossible not to.

Our love flows and multiplies unimpeded by thoughts that we are anything else but. Find compassion, acceptance and joy in every moment and it becomes an epidemic. We return to an ocean of abiding unconditional love. My wish! You are welcome to create your own wish. It too is perfect !

Look for the Full Moon article to be posted March 23rd.

Astrology Class

If any one is interested in astrology classes focusing on ‘Grasping the Divine Thread’, please email Anna Chapman: pannachapman@msn.com

These classes will depend upon three students attending and would probably take place on Saturday mornings 10 a.m.-12. It would involve 6 weeks, the fee for which would be 216.00 no individual classes recommended.





About buddhalaugh

Anna=Insight=Clarity, Simplicity. Not the answer but a means to Self- discovery--there is no where to go, no effort to be exerted only waking up to that which you are already and always. We are never lost only distracted by the luscious physicality of our experience here.
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