New Moon March 11th 2013 21 degrees Pisces: Adrift in an Ocean of Love

Piscis ♓ Pisces

New Moon March 11th 2013 21 degrees Pisces 3:51 p.m. EDT 12:51 p.m. PDT

“What I am is something incredibly magnificent. I am life, and life is the only truth. Every animal, every flower, every rock is life, because everything is full of life. All of us are only one living being, and we come from the same place.”–Don M. Ruiz

This New Moon occurs on the 11th and the day = 11 (2013+11+3). In numerology the number 11 is a master number that pushes the boundary of human limitation thus representing the potential for Self-realization. Number 11 is the recognition of wholeness/oneness. Many people who are born on the 11th of a month experience extraordinary lives, as they seem to meet a different brand of challenge than the rest of us. There is a good article about master numbers at (Hans Decoz).

If we include Chiron in our count, there are 7 planets (Sun/Moon Neptune Mercury Chiron Venus and Mars) abiding in Pisces at this time!

That’s a lot of deep immersion. And as one of these planets is Mercury retrograde immersion is absolute—that is, awareness is aware of awareness. The mind is submerged in emptiness characterized by formless, boundless infinitude. Positioned between Chiron and Neptune, Mercury (the mind), is receiving a “deep healing of patterns that fragment” through discovering relaxation in areas that once may have caused anxiety and fear or the very formless, boundless arena that we now find our selves exploring. The house in which this takes place will undergo a purging of anything and everything that does not serve the highest good.

In the second house for example, what has true value? In the eighth house, recognizing the true value of ‘others’. In the 10th house, what is it that you truly aspire to be “recognized” for? Circumstances that bring these questions to the forefront may be common and perhaps a little (or a lot depending on individual perspective) uncomfortable. With Mars in Pisces at 29 degrees there may be an opportunity to silently and compassionately take in what is occurring rather than exhibiting antagonistic behavior regarding issues that are meant for positive assimilation. Rather than working at it or suffering from it, we are buoyant in a field of ease and grace.

A Pluto/Saturn sextile quincunx Jupiter (yod) will ensure that we do not wander carelessly toward the rim, eventually to fall off into the chaotic abyss. The focus is on elimination of that which does not serve the highest good. Oh, did we say that already? It is worth repeating, as it is the prominent aspect of this New Moon energy. Jupiter is liberty through relaxation. Fear is not associated with this planet rather confidence is emphasized through awareness of potential and opportunity for growth. Therefore, with Jupiter, we may experience optimism that furthers our “quest” for truth. The base of the yod, Pluto/Saturn is a strong platform from which to achieve dissolution of the illusion; that we are limited by anything.

Jupiter also aspects Mercury, a square. There is ample encouragement to ‘rise’ out of not ‘fall’ into areas of anxiety or worry or petty minutia that might occupy the area around the retrograde messenger. Uranus semi-sextile Mercury contributes an aggressive energy for the evolution of patterns of thinking that may have contributed to seperative  behavior for millennia. The notions of abandonment, rejection, inadequacy are constructs of the mind perpetuated through our experiences in duality, subject to change, and therefore not abiding truth.

Venus approaching a conjunction with the Sun/Moon at 17 degrees Pisces gently, peacefully and compassionately communicates the deepest aspects of the desire nature that has little connection with individual want. There is a ‘great’ desire for radiating love. Having migrated through connection with Neptune then Chiron there is a Mary Magdalene aura of unconditional love that resides here in an eternal flow of cosmic rhythm, the essence of “that”. Again we are brought into proximity of truth that all around us is absolute abundance. All of this is there for the asking and is as easy to know as the breath we take in every moment. It is the inhale and exhale, the mind in silence, the vast stillness—infinite awareness.

As this is a New Moon, where energy is gathered inward and utilized to ready the next phase of growth, we are, on all levels preparing for a shift toward ‘maturity’. Maturity covers all of our interactions here—with people, animals, the environment and our selves. Consciousness rising to love it Self. This applies to whatever phase of experience in which an individual currently resides. As planets in Pisces range from 3 to 29 degrees it is most likely that in the individual chart this will cover two houses (unless Pisces is intercepted in your natal chart in which case only one house will be affected). Be aware of the area being affected by this powerful lineup. It may answer questions as to, “what is going on?”. If not familiar with the meaning of the houses succinct but helpful descriptions may be found at

By the end of the 11th, Mars steps into Aries (11:26 p.m.) leading the way for enthusiastic application of the energies having been absorbed during its six week residency in Pisces. And as Mars approaches Uranus (7 degrees Aries) there will be a quickening of that action as well as unexpected events that have the potential of really rattling our cages due to the additional square from Pluto, sextile from Jupiter and quincunx from Saturn. My thought=the quincunx from Saturn may act as a stabilizing agent in a subtle way. All of this lays the groundwork for the exact Uranus/Pluto squares that occur again on May 21st and November 1st 2013. With Saturn in water, it has the potential of dowsing any fires that may erupt and to minimize drama that might otherwise overwhelm.

Also at 21 degrees on the 11thPallas Athena in Aries—to be sure a very positive utilization of collective wisdom to benefit all. And, only on the west coast, vertex trining the new moon at 21 degrees Scorpio—a gentle reminder from those around us of the collective mission of exploring deeper levels of human experience/interaction. They will pop up all over the place and perhaps send a mini jolt of awareness straight to the heart. On the east coast the vertex is at 2 degrees Capricorn and presents an entirely different set of circumstances that others will be reflecting that has to do with primary structure creation with all the varying degrees of that as one travels west.

Surrender to “that”, the mind rests in peace and fear dissolves into the ocean of our own abiding. The planetary energy is here to assist us and truly there is “no effort required”.







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Anna=Insight=Clarity, Simplicity. Not the answer but a means to Self- discovery--there is no where to go, no effort to be exerted only waking up to that which you are already and always. We are never lost only distracted by the luscious physicality of our experience here.
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  1. marsha says:

    Hello Anna,
    Thank you for this generous and informing post.


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