New Moon January 2013: Capricorn and the Heights of Freedom

New Moon January 2013 @ 21 degrees Capricorn 2:44 p.m. EST 11:44 a.m. PST

“I prefer winter and fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape -the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show.”—Andrew Wyeth

There is a new structure morphing from the old and continues to do so for some years to come. It is an evolutionary process that has received an electrical boost from various levels of participation—from those no longer in physical form and from a few who still inhabit the body. The grid lightens or loosens and expands now that breathing is made easier. And we too breathe more easily and our smiles grow from the heart.

Capricorn knows that beyond the physical structure that includes, the domicile, the job, the family, the religion is the eternal structure that is indeed structure-less wherein is everything we can possibly conceive of with the mind and nothing, which we may want to call peace, stillness, love but which in fact cannot be defined.

With five planets (Sun/Moon, Mercury, Pluto conjunct asteroid Juno and Venus) in Capricorn at the new year’s first New Moon, it is all about understanding structure. It is all about understanding that our most precious resource may be hidden beneath the old façade which is quickly dissolving (Pluto sextile Saturn, continuation). With Saturn in Scorpio the façade relates to our perspective on human nature and existence over many millennia—the illusions we have constructed around primary beliefs. The deconstruction process can be painful and confusing. We may not understand some of our children who do not seem able or willing to engage in a structure they do not comprehend.

They are already free of some of our limitations. They are happy not connected to the grid and seem genuinely reluctant to participate. The new grid supports them in ways that may be challenging for some people to comprehend. We will witness the change this promotes in magical and mysterious ways so that we are amazed and astounded at new creations that support all of us.

We can take all of the very dynamic characteristics of Capricorn and apply them with grace to the cultivation of seeds long ago planted and now yearning for the light in which to sprout and soar to the heavens. The Goat encompasses all levels of experience, as they are also part fish, with the earth planted firmly beneath their feet and an eye on scaling the mountain into the clear air of intuitive insight. The Goat is multi-talented and very resourceful, reliable, dedicated to a cause and determined to succeed. There are those who say the Goat is the sign in which human beings operate from a place of perfection. Perhaps this is why they are capable of manifesting like no other sign and seem to accumulate or have an abundance of whatever they seek—when their vision or knowing carries them beyond fear–fear being all that separates us from Self. It drives us to distraction and away from our desired goal, awakening. The nondual ‘teacher’ Tony Parsons author of the Open Secret articulates the experience of fear as follows.

“We all have a deep longing and a Deep Fear of the discovery of what we are, and the mind devises any way it can to avoid this discovery. The most effective way it (the mind) AVOIDS awakening is to SEEK it. You are already that which is. But your mind is frightened to let go and still has an idea that something special should happen.”

From perceived structures to releasing belief in the need for such structure. Capricorn, rooted in ‘reality’ boosts us up to the top, to within inches of our destination. That is when everything else kicks in and propels us out of our illusion, our story and into the clear path of ‘what comes to us does and what doesn’t does not’. Nine of 11 planets are occupying signs that attune to the ‘big picture’. They drag us out of our myopic focus into a more expansive awareness that can be valuable in eventual detachment from dog-eared beliefs. Mars in Aquarius—action that serves the evolutionary journey. Here is the possibility of revolution for the highest good and Mars has been squaring Saturn and so firing up a desire to let go of nasty patterns that prohibit deep connection.

The yod of Saturn/Pluto to Jupiter is done for now and will not occur again until toward the last week of March when it also conjuncts Black Moon Lilith. Fear may arise out of thoughts of annihilation, of the mind, (Jupiter and BML in Gemini) but salvation can surely follow quickly when we trust wisdom rather than words.

The yod at this New Moon is from Saturn/Pluto to the asteroid Vesta. Vesta’s task is that of keeping the fires of the hearth burning or nurturing the light of purification that disintegrates illusion. Mars, that provides the energy for all action, burns with a cold heat in Aquarius that diminishes thoughts of pain and suffering, rather gets the job done with haste and a clean severance. The warrior carries a finely honed sword that slices through illusion exposing the simple truth beneath. There is little reason for any other course of action. The blinkers are off! We prevail through clarity and really must keep moving. What other options have we? In Gemini these two, Jupiter/Vesta the messenger is the message. Saturn in Scorpio aids us in sharpening awareness and refining our sense of what is real. Saturn in Scorpio provides no wiggle room, eliminates the static and reveals the one heart beat hidden, shrouded by the many layers of beliefs bestowed upon us by our own fears.

Pluto in Capricorn continues to erode and undermine the tenacity with which we cling to our beliefs that give free reign to the ego that shackles us (see the Devil card XVI Tarot for a visual). Pluto slowly but relentlessly eradicates the belief that “I am in control”, that power has anything to do with anything that the ego thinks it accomplishes. Pluto conjuncts the asteroid Juno at this time. We may have the obsessive need to latch onto something/someone, until death do us part, while having our fingers pried from the place or person to which they adhere. The whole notion of death or parting is irrelevant as neither is real. We are in an eternal ‘partnership’/relationship with everything. Nothing is ever lost to us as we never had any thing to begin with.

Capricorn=knowing the truth of structure-less-ness that is the truth of Being; that authority lies within not knowing and performance is relative to some task we set our selves (distraction) en route to achieving the ultimate goal of Self discovery. When one reaches the mountain top and all obstacles have been by-passed, the only thing left is the crystal clarity of the awakened Self , “that” and the realization that there is no mountain, no path, no struggle, no one who experiences any of these things.

It may appear that there are mountains to move; after all we have awarded our self this duty since the beginning of time. The gift of this New Moon in Capricorn is to realize that there are no duties that success is relative to our concept of that and power, achievement and accomplishment are all created by the ego for its own perpetuation. And perhaps simplest of all is in the knowing that to get to where we want to Be, there is no effort required as we are already there. That leaves us quite free.

*The fixed star conjunct this New Moon at 21 degrees Capricorn is Sulaphat in the constellation of the Lyre. The mythology relates to a tortoise shell being found on a beach with dried sinew across the shell serving as an instrument. Tortoise has a sacred place in world philosophy as the first being. In China–

In Chinese symbolism the tortoise represents the beginning of creation, time, longevity and wisdom.  It is said that the Goddess of Creation – Nu Kua used the feet of the Cosmic Tortoise for the ‘4 Corners of the Earth’ and its shell for the ‘Vault of the Heavens’.

Rarely is a distinction made between the tortoise and the turtle and together they are associated with the element of water, the season of winter and the direction of north – the direction of death / rebirth.  The ability to slow down its body metabolism (apparently dying), during winter hibernation, and then awake renewed, reflect the death /rebirth association.

The tortoise is sometimes known as the ‘Dark Warrior’ and in this role its qualities are seen as strength, endurance and regeneration.

The significance of this association now is rather obvious in that we are in such a profound experience of rebirth and regeneration.


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Anna=Insight=Clarity, Simplicity. Not the answer but a means to Self- discovery--there is no where to go, no effort to be exerted only waking up to that which you are already and always. We are never lost only distracted by the luscious physicality of our experience here.
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