In the Light and Nowhere Else to Go-Welcome to 2013!

We rest on our haunches at the edge of the world pond and stare into a deep, dark liquid reflecting a billion other faces all turned upwards and smiling. We have collectively opened our hearts and touch each other with profound knowing. Each of us has shed our deepest fear, that of separation, annihilation and exchanged it for the truth that always is, our own eternal Being. Slowly we have pierced the illusion and slowly we have risen to inhabit the light of this Being. Our destiny, if such a phrase has meaning, is realized in the ending of our quest and the sharing of Being. The light streams forth capturing us all.

Now that we have passed through the eye of the needle we might expect that life and everything it entails would be experienced with greater ease and grace. That we would reap the rewards for all the work we have accomplished during the intense moments of 2012 and prior to. That in essence, rest would surely be due those who have focused so intently upon “that which has required intent focus”. And all of this is true. Except that the energy which so forcefully herded us toward the ‘eye’ has not just dissipated and disappeared; like a prevailing wind has moments of tapering off before rising again to carry us, with momentum, in the direction of our greatest desires.  The energy created remains within and without and though we may have a sense of wishing to rest, the internal dynamic will not allow it. Expect urges for freedom and forward movement that burn like a fever and ignite spontaneous action—independent action—independent of old values, principles, rules and or regulations that mean to restrict movement to an established set of parameters.

We seek to erode the traditional marriage of thought to physical form in an attempt to transcend the limitations imposed by this set of rules that have defined human relationship for millennia. Observation without thought and experiencing everything without having to understand what that means using conventional thought processes.  

Light bursts forth from ever widening cracks in the collective conscious grid and we bask in the glow, dance in the fluidity and transcend our suffering with an increasing knowledge of the perfection that hugs us into submission. Do we dare take the next step into beyond fear of annihilation and recognize the truth of my Self? In 2013 wrap your self in that possibility. The possibility will not hunt you down but will tantalize you as you move through mundane experience wanting to discover just what lies on the other side of illusion.

January may be the beginning of a new calendar year but what unfolds is part of a process with beginnings so far back in time that it may have been this moment. In any moment we awaken or realize that I am—awake. And truly all else passes, as a dream fades, when the sun rises. In the brilliance of the light everything fades into being. January is not different than any other month in representing a potential moment in which to glimpse reality, in which to remain mute when asked the question “who am I”.

The result of such a lack of verbal identification is space that subsequently appears to fill with love for all things and an abiding sense of beauty everywhere or the acceptance of all things as perfect—not a particularly easy concept for us to grasp. Then we do and January abounds with fruitfulness and great abundance and a desire for compassion and sharing all that is here with all who are here. Community and effortless sharing, distribution of the endless wealth that exists eternally here happens. We are relieved of the arduous task of supporting our selves as individuals—so much energy, now to give freely to others.

This year begins with moon in Leo (24 deg.) in the 11th house of community and collective vision. This moon exactly squares the north and south node. We benefit from everything we have learned about physical security and providing for our selves in order to venture deeper into what serves our human agenda. The degree of this moon is conjunct the fixed star Subra located at the right knee of the Lion. Subra is a star associated with dignity, confidence and charisma. We are reminded of the ancient relationship between human beings and lions. A small statue from the Hohlenstein-Stadel cave in Germany is a human with a lion head and is currently dated to 32,000 years ago. In symbolic terms we may return to the Golden Age of the white lion.

In the Leo constellation, the Lion reaches forward with his front legs, a position of movement indicating an active role that will be taken in support of what the public (moon) wants. It is a beautiful placement for support of the heart desire for peace and harmony. We shall be exuding compassion and executing good deeds that serve the highest good from places high up that may include legislation to limit gun possession in this country; taking pride in the relationship we have with each other no matter whom we include in our panorama.

Leaders set fine examples for those whom they lead and children thrive based upon a real desire for the flourishing of all beings. Leadership that reaches to all corners of the cosmos demonstrating a cohesive intelligence that generates a positive field impenetrable by any thing other than (positive).

President Obama’s North Node/Uranus (27 and 25 degrees Leo) aspect the New Year’s chart moon at 24 degrees 58 minutes Leo. We can be sure that Obama’s outlook on change during 2013 will focus on the peoples’ pulse and their needs. Recently Obama has experienced the Chiron return and though I wouldn’t discuss what that means on a personal level, it would appear, as of his re-election that he is a stronger leader for it. That and the fact that one month prior to the election, transiting Saturn moved out of interception in President Obama’s 8th house and into his 9th house–much firmer place from which to guide and lead this country. With Pluto transiting the President’s 11th house there will be transformation that occurs as relates to the basic structural foundations that may have guided him in the past. Pluto aspects Obama’s Neptune in his 9th house as does transiting Saturn. Focus on public opinion and what illusions have been created due to misinformation. Responsibility for action taken in foreign lands and being influenced by foreign intelligence that is weary of restrictive regimes.

The pay off flows from deep within the earth.

Coming clean, it is the only way.

2013 is a number six—as above, so below—in the Tarot it is The Lovers card, perfection in union that is balance, harmony and resonance with all that is. It is seeing the absolute beauty of the Self through reflection of everything we see in front of us. The Lovers embrace is the deepest, intimate connection we experience in physical reality that includes everything. Projection is a limitation that creates separation while acceptance is all encompassing and unifying.

The 6th house of the astrological chart is ruled by Virgo and is the knowing that as “that” I am perfect. There is nothing to add, nothing to subtract or to improve upon. Health, a 6th house matter has a relationship to patterns perpetuated by the mind. We can accomplish great things as regards our health when we focus on what is, rather than on an illusion that is not. The 6th house is also the house of mentorship and guiding others toward a greater understanding of Self that is more easily grasped when observed and experienced within close proximity of “that”. The 6th house is also the house that describes what we do on a daily basis. In your own chart, what planets and signs influence the activities of this house and recognition of Self? By picking up the thread of the sign that rules the 6th house cusp you can gain great insight into Being and all that follows with ease and grace.

January fare: beets, barley and bone broth. All designed to support the immune system in one way or another. Beets are packed with antioxidants. Raw is best. Processing creates sugar. Barley is the most energy efficient food in nature. It boosts the immune system and detoxifies the blood. Sprouted=easier to digest. Bone broth is an old remedy for inflammatory bowel issues, immune system, bone and joint degeneration and has many health benefits.

This is a year to rest in the knowing that no matter what you think you do, it does little to affect that which would happen anyway and without effort. When relaxation permeates the body/mind well, isn’t it all a walk in the light! Blessings of Being…  














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Anna=Insight=Clarity, Simplicity. Not the answer but a means to Self- discovery--there is no where to go, no effort to be exerted only waking up to that which you are already and always. We are never lost only distracted by the luscious physicality of our experience here.
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