Full Moon December 2012: From Mother to the Mountaintop

Full Moon December 28th, 2012  7 degrees Cancer 5:21 a.m. EST 2:21 a.m. PST

Autonomous Nurturing=Not waiting for someone to give you what you can give yourself—Rob Brezsny

This Full Moon is a final opportunity in 2012 to express gratitude for everything that has transpired in your life and for each and every person who has contributed to your experiences. It is a Full Moon that will take you to the roots of your being; then to the mountain top. From the essence of existence into expansion and from the dream to reality—free, of need or desire, to explore, to capture, to awaken into Self whereupon questions desist. Life unfolds like a flower in time lapse photography an unending display of the absolute and new in every turning petal. Observed with awe and admiration for all that transpires here as “that”.

The chart for this Full Moon is a substantial representation of a collective vision for nurturing, caring through connection with our innate emotional essence—that which motivates us from the personal unconscious and therefore not to be experienced by the mind. When the mind is still, the heart can be heard. Some say that the heart leads and thought follows. Cancer is the first water sign. Here we explore the nature of feelings in relation to interaction with the outside—the environment including other people. When we feel confident and comfortable with feeling and all that includes interaction with the environment is a powerfully positive experience in which we share and give from a deep well of love. This experience carries us high and higher, to the mountain top or inward to stillness and deep peace.

In the light of a Cancer Full Moon, we reflect upon the issues we have concerning our own experiences with being mothered and mothering. The ability to ‘mother’ may have roots in the time prior to our birth. Our needs develop as a result of initial impressions gathered from our early surroundings, all of which occurs on a feeling level. At some stage in our journey of ‘becoming aware or of awakening’ we turn attention from what we think we lacked in primary development for the realization that the human being as physical form, though dependent on the mother initially for survival is independent based upon the absolute nature of the true Self. We never are in need of any thing or any one.

As such we bring 2012 to a close with intentions of putting our best foot forward—to be of service to others as we would our selves. This may sound similar to a statement attributed to Jesus—“thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself”—essentially, when we love self, love for others is, occurs without any effort. The fixed star conjunct the Full Moon is Mirzam the star in the left front paw of Canis Major which reaches forward. Mirzam is known as the ‘Announcer’ as it rises prior to the brightest star in the sky, Sirius. This Full Moon then is a catalyst for each of us reaching out to encompass our brightest vision, to the light within and allowing that to be the essence of what nurtures us. Dogs know only of how to be of service in a way that pleases and shows an unending love for. Dogs are not needy it is their nature.

The star conjuncting the Moon in the New Year’s chart is in the right foreleg of the Lion. First we reach forward with the feminine aspect, providing the container (Mirzam in Canis Major) and four days later step forward into positive action upon the mighty forefoot of Leo—with bravery/bravado and brilliance. A spectacular display of goodwill and generosity of the heart. Security is assured in Self. Never to fear or fret. This sets us up for the first New Moon of the year that conjuncts one of the stars in the constellation of the Lyre where we discover the song that brings harmony, poetry and awakening from deep sleep/death.  

The Sun in Capricorn approaches a conjunction with Pluto at 9 degrees and will be exact 12.30.12 @ 5:21 a.m. that is not only death that occurs in the deep stillness of winter but death of the old Self and the structures that support it. As the many layers diminish the light is brighter and the remaining translucent layers diminish and dissolve gracefully.

Amorphous splendor, effervescence, chilling, heating-ringing into eventual silence and riveting stare transfixing every passing thing with a deep knowing of the Self. Then with equal elegance turn to greet the wind that fills the sails with energy enough to circle the globe in an endless discovery of all that is. A deep sense of peace sends the wind into fantastic fury. All with the blessing of Divine Mother for whom we each maintain a perfect bond—I am, “that”.

Divine Mother, Ceres, 24 degrees Gemini conjunct Black Moon Lilith, the point that draws us into our deepest fears and eventually into Self reception, intends for us to speedily scry our way to the simple fact of our existence. Madly sifting through piles of ancient data that are towers of Babble and cryptic references to what lies beyond the illusion. Mother in her wisdom chooses to assist us as we drown with the weight of our own defensiveness. She will not rest until the fortress falls. In vulnerability and innocence we begin again. Shards of light spread, latch onto the one beside, the one beside. Luminous and glowing shadows fade and tears of joy create torrents of love—the Mother is everywhere and is everything.

In the 9th harmonic chart where evolutionary intent is displayed (a slice of the natal chart created with the novile, 40 degree aspect) the Moon is in Virgo and the Sun is in Pisces both signs of service—service to the Self that supports service to the highest good. And with the 9th harmonic Venus conjunct the south node in Leo there is every indication that the heart generates the gifts with which we choose to be or “are” in service. The Lion is the Sun and our brilliance that shines forth as service in it self.

At this Full Moon look to your own Moon and aspects to, the 4th house and sign ruling as a starting point to discover the deeper aspects involved in your own mother/mothering journey. The Moon in our natal chart speaks volumes about the nature of our biological mothers and those who we attract that teach us about emotional conditions and conditioning. Though it may seem to represent a complex arena and an overwhelming field to explore, so might the solution to any puzzle appear distant until the mind rests, thoughts vanish and the intuitive answer arises of its own accord. Simply present in every moment and always, the true nature is and everything else is a thought that wafts across the screen then disappears taking with it all appearances that I am other than “that”.

Not to be denied or resisted our own eventual awakening and gratitude for the ease with which this is accomplished when we step out of the way and find our selves right where we began. The opposition of Moon and Sun are a monthly opportunity to glimpse this reality.







About buddhalaugh

Anna=Insight=Clarity, Simplicity. Not the answer but a means to Self- discovery--there is no where to go, no effort to be exerted only waking up to that which you are already and always. We are never lost only distracted by the luscious physicality of our experience here.
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