New Moon December 2012: Gateway to 12.21.12

New Moon December 13, 2012 21 degrees Sagittarius 03:42 a.m. EST 0:42 a.m. PST

There is no tomorrow, there is no yesterday and there is no such thing as not “that”. In love and gratitude for each and every one of us.–Anna

“They” say that we are approaching a time when what is (in terms of our suffering), is a memory not to be held onto as we embrace a universal community free to glimpse the truth and a lighter way of traversing this environment. We are accompanied, through this process of change by fewer and fewer illusions. They have been, sometimes, ‘torn from our grasp’—that we might more gracefully pursue awareness of that which lies beyond illusion—the true Self.

Even though it exists in darkness this New Moon is brilliant! What an energy accumulating toward the end of this year.  Unaspected, except for a semi-sextile to Mars (additional energy but not aggressively applied), the Sun/Moon point directly to the crystal clarity of our personal truth, collective truth, universal truth; that we each perceive “that” through slightly different filters is a natural experience of being human and each of us performs perfectly according to our particular set of blueprints. Then, one day standing looking at the blueprints, scrutinizing the lines and dots and asterisks in front of us—it disappears, fades, fine mist with the rising of the sun. We realize. There are no lines, dots, asterisks. There is no me to be looking at anything that might apparently be adorning this page. It is all an occurrence an experience within “that”. You may, I may, they may—know without knowing—and we do. Everything else plays itself upon a screen of desire that constantly propels us through time/space.

As this megalithic structure created through eons of thought patterns sticking to the flypaper moves slowly through space/time it approaches its destination. Annihilation is not the end but of course, a new beginning. What we experience as human beings is a beautiful expression of “that” within “that” in all its forms. As we morph, evolve in consciousness, return to or realize that we already are “that”. Not about being anything, doing anything. Being is and doing happens without the least bit of effort on my part.

It reminds me of looking at an optical illusion. You see the vase or the two faces but rarely both at the same time. We are conditioned to ‘read’ duality. With the loss of identification we are free to know that we know; or do not know.

Uranus, the planet of annihilation to promote being free, goes stationary direct approximately 4 hours after this New Moon. In Aries, the transcendent energy of Uranus, once more in full thrust, lifts us beyond our personal identities and inward to the true source of this body/mind—the source of all things. Here we discover the essence of what Aries seeks, in seeking Self and the seeking is no longer. If you are familiar with astrology look at your own first house and the house where Aries resides in your chart to see what issues you deal with at this time relative to the seeking of Self.

It is evident that whatever does not serve our navigatory process, through the eye of the needle, will not be with us much longer. It may be a traumatic or fearful realization at first, knowing that what one has identified with for so long will not survive the purging.  Give your self a moment or so to glimpse what lies on the other side of the illusion and then be sure to give thanks to whomever or whatever has provided you with this powerful insight as it creates the ease and grace you have always longed for.

There are 9 days remaining, the number of human evolution, before 12.21.12 a number which honestly speaking is just a number but as it holds a very extraordinary energy for this planet at this time, it is worth honoring as a gateway for all of us to evolve and be of service in a new way. Number 9 is the number of service. The Hermit in the tarot deck is a perfect symbolic representation of the number 9—deep wisdom/love shared through osmosis not traditional teachings. He seldom is in the light him self but radiates light for others to see there, their own reflection.

The 9th house is highlighted here as the natural abode for Sagittarius. Here lies the potential for knowing the truth. Opposite to this house lies Jupiter in Gemini (not in opposition to the Sun/Moon however) and the broadcasting of the ‘message’—I am “that”/love/peace/compassion/free—everything using amplified and clarified sound waves that embrace the planet to its/our core.

It may appear to not appear. ‘Time’ may be a different thing for each of us. We all do ‘move’ in a communal direction perpetually and on every level of apparent existence there is an awareness arising that will, no matter what materializes in physical and relative reality, erupt in recognition of the truth.

As we are herded toward, forward, upward, over, beyond, across, the end of this year 2012 we are supported by time/timelessness, boundaries/boundarilessness—shifting patterns of behavior and a deep abiding sense that if everything appears to crumble about me, turn to dust and to be diminished by a convergence of winds from all the corners of the earth, so be it. Then I stand in the light of truth, an emissary for “that”—“that” I am and all flows in perfection—no effort required. No need to add, subtract or improve upon “that”. It isn’t possible.

In the remaining 9 days until 12.21.12, state your truth clearly and with powerful resonance each morning and know that words are a vehicle not a replacement for expression that leaps boldly from the ‘heart’. Notice that what goes on around you is not you. Your engagement in physical reality is the result of what shows up and that may be based upon your perception of your experience here. Clarity replaces chaos in your mind and you automatically generate a different view.

On the 21st whatever has not arrived on its own 2/4/100 feet will be flung through space, as a rock from the cradle of a slingshot, further than it could ever accomplish whilst reliant upon its own force/motivation. On the 22nd, though memories may be few, there will be those who awaken shaking head and limbs perhaps in disbelief—beliefless; a miracle and a brilliant step toward consciousness here and now.

Please fast forward into a place of not just loving the self but knowing the Self is love and experience the beauty of being here and now in every nuance, every breath, every thing and every where. We are all “that” and “that” is!!


About buddhalaugh

Anna=Insight=Clarity, Simplicity. Not the answer but a means to Self- discovery--there is no where to go, no effort to be exerted only waking up to that which you are already and always. We are never lost only distracted by the luscious physicality of our experience here.
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