December 2012: Prophecy and Perpetuity

images-5“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”—Seneca

We have been a long time approaching this month of great historical prophecy and by now have discovered that an ending is not what it is all about but rather a grand beginning. For something new to occur however, there must be an ending of sorts. That might appear as: suddenly noticing that I am standing here peering off into the distance across the vast sea that is literally right in front of me, and in fact licks my toes and embellishes my thoughts with a perpetual murmur that rocks me into oblivion. What joy! Or that I am lying on my back beneath a spreading sky pierced with tiny puffs of white that sometimes, slowly dissipate then dissolve without the least effort on my part.

And in pure observation notice that everything comes and goes, undulating across the screen of existence without the least bit of effort on my part. That in fact whatever effort I may expend has really, no effect at all leaving me to enjoy, in stillness, everything that is here. What magic has occurred to make this space for awareness? What miracle to know the space as awareness? And to see the journey as a tiny step travelled by so many in search of the same thing for millennia and finding that it all leads to exactly the same place eventually and that being, the knowing of the Self as: the vast sea of awareness that is, “I”.

In other words, waking up and being a centimeter to the left (or right) of your usual place and it being so absolutely not the same place and there is no indentation where you used to be to remind you that you were ever there at all!

I woke up this morning to find a four inch millipede rippling across the paper shade looking like he had somewhere to go but I knew he couldn’t have. There was nowhere for him to go except to traverse this desert endlessly, his multitude of appendages working in unison to guide him forward. Nowhere would he find decaying plant matter for breakfast. It doesn’t matter if you have a thousand legs or thoughts, it doesn’t bring you closer to your destination. They only carry you further from the truth in fact and cause general confusion as you go. And the truth is that that is okay too because, that is what is and as that is the perpetual and only state of things, you never really went anywhere anyway.

December, as the final month of a year can be a good time for bringing closure to any situation that is in need of transformation. With Mars in Capricorn (as of November 16th) and the Sun on its way there (December 21st Winter Solstice) there is an active energy of intelligent use of resources that serves a ‘higher’ purpose. It provides sufficient fuel to move us out of whatever stuck condition we may have felt our selves to be occupying over the last two or three months—perhaps more! The great thrust is not so much about anything but away from everything; everything that we have believed to be true.

What a glorious vision you may have of your self! That has no words but if we had to describe it would feel like expansive, eternal and infinite—eternally and infinitely expanding into nothing but embracing everything. And life will continue to unfold in harmony with the unseen force that propels us in duality that really leaves no room for ands, buts or wherefores.

Caress the ego into submission. Do not allow it to control and motivate you for you are then a prisoner and limited to the reality created by the notion of love and strife. The less attention it, the ego, receives the sooner it fades and curls and peels away like paint blistered by the unrelenting sun. It will not abide with scrutiny and why the great teachers recommend self-enquiry as a tool for Self-realization.  Self-enquiry eventually leads to a lack of questions.

Three Cards for the Big Leap (endings/beginnings)!

X-Wands/Rods: Great ending card. Ten’s are endings. This card implies recognizing what accomplishments you have and being prepared to achieve even more if that is your intention. Or, if you have experienced a period of struggle and carry others burdens it is time to realize what has been holding you back from accomplishment. Others are quite capable or need to learn how to be. Let them do it themselves. Relinquish control! Life suddenly becomes a whole lot lighter. Some people are really ready for a new experience and may require a little support to begin but have the strength, stamina, wisdom to complete ‘it’ on their own.

V-Hierophant: The Hierophant represents that which is established and bases his advice upon a known set of beliefs. Five is the number of human potential and the Hierophant will guide us toward interactions and affiliations that are cohesive and evolutionary. Five is also the number of change and is ruled by fluid Mercury. So, at the end of 2012 we should expect and be prepared for action that moves groups/communities to reach out/up for a more harmonious and successful level of expression and accomplishment. The Hierophant is an authority figure and as such reminds each of us that we are our own best authority, our own wise counsel. This way there is no confusion when it comes to acting. If I respect myself as that authority, I will also respect the authority in each man. The resulting sense of acting as one creates a strong and clear message to any who choose to subvert the authority of the individual. The only parameter here is wisdom.

V-Coins/Pentacles: Another card of movement and in this case movement away from the human experience that is an expression of so many who have low self esteem, feel less than or like a victim and abandoned by, mother, father, god, friends etc. It is a ‘poor me’ card and a poor card in the sense that very little comes to those who feel this way. Negativity attracts the same. Strife and thoughts of strife perpetuate the suffering of humanity. We could do without it—the suffering. What has defined the essence of human potential? Those who “suffer” create very little while great creators create regardless of the conditions that surround them. They are oblivious to any such conditions.

V+V+X=XX=II (2)—understanding the nature of duality. Then an alignment of sorts may occur. It is so much easier to “align” with what is already than any imagined thing existing outside of the Self. It is actually impossible. As everything exists within “that”, the rest is a thought.

N.B. (nota bene): On Dec. 21/22 is an astrological configuration (boomerang-yod plus a planet semi-sextile two planets of the base-saturn.venus.pluto. apex Jupiter) that might lead us to a great point of wisdom, a profound understanding/realization that concerns the structure of all of our communication “systems”—the nature of the word as opposed to the symbol—the symbol being proven as a much more powerful tool than the word, a slightly different perspective than the biblical account. A time for extra sensitive interaction with everything around us and a deep inherent sense of the importance of shifting structures that do not define us. Transmutation of old patterns through universal compassion into an enlightened position of expanded knowing. Rather than usual celebratory fare (feasting) it might be advisable to lightly indulge.


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Anna=Insight=Clarity, Simplicity. Not the answer but a means to Self- discovery--there is no where to go, no effort to be exerted only waking up to that which you are already and always. We are never lost only distracted by the luscious physicality of our experience here.
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