Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse November 2012: the Boomerang Effect!

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse November 28th 2012 @ 6 degrees Gemini 9:46 a.m. EST/6:46 a.m. PST

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them–that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”—Lao Tzu

The bow of the archer is pulled taut; the arrow is ready to fly. The inclination is to let go. Who can hold the 55 pounds of pressure required to pull a bow for long? First you begin to shake a little, then a lot. The aim is unsteady. The perfect moment has passed and the muscles of your hand and arm constrict. Now is the time! It is the moment in which we fully embrace our great potential.

As it is a lunar eclipse, and the Moon will lie in the Earth’s penumbral shadow for several hours(the lighter of the Earth’s shadows), all of the subconscious energy of our evolutionary intent is focused upon reaching our conscious, the Sun. The entire affect of this event will materialize slowly over many months as it represents the evolution of very ancient patterns of behavior that may include processes related to the reptilian complex, the paleomammalian complex and the neomammalian complex within the brain. The latter is the more recent area of development unique to mammals that includes language, abstraction, planning and perception. The oldest area within the brain, the Reptilian complex may be undergoing significant evolutionary change that has to do with instinctive behaviors=aggression, dominance, territoriality and ritualistic displays. (not that this hasn’t been going on for centuries but is being accelerated at this time)

All of this demonstrated through the boomerang aspect of this Full Moon chart accompanied by the Lunar Eclipse (one that can be observed partially on the West Coast). A boomerang aspect is a yod, the finger of God, with an additional planet between the two planets forming the base of the yod. In this case the apex planet is the Moon (I see this as the tail of the arrow), the planets forming the base are Saturn/Venus (conjunct in Scorpio!) and Pluto/Mars (conjunct in Capricorn!). The arrowhead is the Sun. This certainly puts the Moon in Gemini in an awkward position, demanding a focused agenda rather than the usual wavering between the world of what is and that which is apparently not. What is that focused agenda? The releasing of the past and Gemini moon can certainly assist with that.

Gemini generally speaking has little attachment to the past, unlike moon in Cancer for instance. Moon in Gemini is intent upon gathering as much information/experience as possible. That is the being, at this stage of essential development. Gemini has the experiences which create the notion of a past to have something to hold onto if that were possible. Once Gemini has experienced something or someone, has extracted all relevant material connected to a person or situation, it is time to move on. In this case, moving on from eons of experience from which have been garnered all of the appropriate material to inform a collective flight into: A. greater awareness of the truth (i.e. Sun in Sagittarius) supported by: B. a focused/disciplined set of deep desires aligned with collective concerns not just the individual ego based notion of attainment (Saturn/Venus) and driven by: a new structure of active energy with intent to build for an improved world with transformed demands upon the individual and the collective (Pluto/Mars). “My actions are the result of a deep connection to that which exists always. My motivations are based upon the stillness that emanates deep from within the physical mind/body structure. And my awareness of same permits the establishment of that which serves my highest good and therefore the highest good of all.

Saturn and Pluto added to this Full Moon equation certainly alter our conventional experience of such an event. They have been called wet blankets but in truth give us a great opportunity to leap beyond the illusionary stuff that causes us to struggle and suffer. Now for some people the effects of this planetary arrangement may be felt as tough. Our expectations may not be met. We may appear to suffer due to desires that may appear to go unfulfilled. And we may strain against restrictions to our ‘natural’ mode of behavior. All for good purpose. It all leads to an examination of how we operate and how we might want to be free of the outcome of certain behaviors.

As Venus and Mars are involved there is no doubt that issues around relationship and sexuality (Scorpio) will show up under the microscope; in this case, actually have a supporting role in the transcendence we will encounter. It is not about eradicating behavior but bringing awareness to the way in which we implement instinctive impulses and employ those thoughts that drift upward from the recesses of the psyche looking for expression. Anger/irritation, jealousy/possessiveness and aggressiveness/dominative tendencies may erupt anytime during the days before and subsequent to our exposure to this planetary alignment.

Of course when we dwell in the place of Self there is a deep understanding or knowing that everything is as it should be, cannot be added to or subtracted from and as such is perfect in every moment as is. The rest is but a story that unfolds, a product of the mind in an attempt to perpetuate itself, the ego, and possibly as a form of entertainment.

When a boomerang is thrown it returns to the point from which it was thrown. In this case that point/planet is the Moon. The result=greater awareness applied again, to our instinctive, subconscious, root nature. In essence, self en route to Self-discovery and uniting or returning to a unitive position. There is no actual movement, just the inherent, usurping so to speak, the acquired.

On the West Coast (Santa Barbara to be specific) the ascendant for this Full Moon is 6 degrees 4 minutes Sagittarius. The Sun is 43 minutes away from an exact conjunction with what is inherent in our natures, that truth. As such the West Coast becomes the outside trajectory and anchor for an energy being generated from the East Coast. On the East Coast (New York City to be specific) a 12th house Pluto/Mars are within 4-5 degrees of the ascendant and represent an entirely different experience of this same configuration of planets. The emphasis here being on the elimination and transformation of inherent qualities in the outmoded structure. This ultimately lays the groundwork for the integration of the new consciousness absorbed at the other end of the country. What gets set up is a reciprocal exchange of energies that will last an undetermined length of time—until we have shed what doesn’t work in favor of freedom to be what we essentially are. Then a collective sigh of relief, relaxation into and abiding with what truly is. We can be sure that the energies generated between the coasts will provide the impetus for this whole process to flow with ease and grace and if we do as well, there will be no suffering.

The other supporting players here—Black Moon Lilith conjunct the Moon (slightly less than 2 degrees separation) A reminder of our inherent nature. And yes, we can go into all sorts of fears around expressing that based upon memories of: torture, grief, abandonment, death etc. but here also is the wisdom to know that these are thoughts and the experience is being brought to this moment from the past and are not real/do not exist now. Letting go of the past! The past is just a notion. It is not real. Remind your self of this if you hop onto the treadmill going nowhere fast. Self-realization requires one to move beyond the fears associated with the egos desire for existence. Within the Black Moon Lilith is both fear of annihilation and the power of knowing annihilation is not possible. Energy that is, cannot not be.

Chiron at 5 degrees Pisces is squaring the Sun/Moon. How perfect! The wise healer/sage aiding us in getting from where we have been, the past, to where we are going the conscious awareness of Self (that is our true nature). In Pisces is dissolution into the Self, if this were possible. It is realization of Self. It is enlightenment. No wonder Pisces defies description! “That” cannot be described. If we can describe it, it is not “that”.

The Sabian symbol that describes this Full Moon is “A Well With Bucket And Rope Under The Shade Of Majestic Trees” imploring us to dip into the depths of our beings, that which has lain in the shadows, and to allow that to be our strength and the root of our existence—a return to that which we are that does not change.

Having just celebrated Thanksgiving we are all in a place of feeling gratitude. This Full Moon, that is packed with potential, so much so that we all are projectiles waiting to be launched and whether we resist or abide, is another moment for heartfelt gratitude. Gratitude for anything and everything that propels us beyond or deeply into our truth. I would say that wherever and with whomever we spent November 22nd that a moment of deep gratitude touched many, many of us for the simplicity of being here and alive. May the additional energies of this Full Moon propel you into a place of ultimate stillness even as we dance with our egos and their unessential demands.



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Anna=Insight=Clarity, Simplicity. Not the answer but a means to Self- discovery--there is no where to go, no effort to be exerted only waking up to that which you are already and always. We are never lost only distracted by the luscious physicality of our experience here.
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