Neptune Direct? Hah! And you thought you knew something!

Neptune has recently changed motion (in the wee hours of November 11th, 2012) from the apparent retrograde to direct. Astrological terms that attempt to describe an external activity that can affect us like the cresting and falling of a wave; the cycle that might describe our ‘process’ here—up/down, in/out, contract/expand.

With Neptune do we ever really know where we are when the territory seems to be so unfamiliar? I recently had a friend express frustration with a few Pisces acquaintances and not being able to discern whether they communicated honestly. Where the last sign of the zodiac and its ruler are involved perception of reality may be quite different from what the rest of us experience. When Neptune is retrograde, since early June, what an opportunity we have to go from wading to plunging. Yes, it might be frightening, a landscape of vast emptiness that has us searching for ‘something’. What is it we find if we stop making things up to fill the void? Truth. This is what I am or “that” is what I am.

What a task Pisces people have—taking “that’ and finding a way of conveying that to the rest of us. It is a very simplified view of the Piscean nature but really all of life is pretty simple when we tear our selves away from being so attached to our individual stories. There is a wonderful book titled “The Storytelling Animal” by Jonathan Gottschall in which we are reminded, with deep insight and some humor, of the nature of human beings to tell story. It is a part of our inherent desire to communicate and interact.

The author relates a hypothetical situation about early mankind, there were the Practical People and the Storytelling People. They both went about their business of survival but at the end of the day the Practical People got extra sleep while the Storytelling People told tales of their experiences. We might assume that the Practical People would prevail and evolve but on the contrary, it was the Storytelling People who survived.

It is the invisible veil that encircles the globe, this mass consciousness created through millennia of storytelling. Is it us? What was there before the story? Inner enquiry and the vast emptiness that greets us as we journey with the likes of Neptune retrograde provide us with answers of a sort. Imagine you have Neptune retrograde in aspect to your Sun or Moon and the vast emptiness settles upon your mind like the mist so often experienced in ocean towns at different times throughout the year. The mist is pervasive. We see nothing but are not afraid or confused. We do not require an explanation for what is happening because there is a knowing of what this is even though we may not be able to describe it.

The apparent appearance of nothingness is also everything. And in this knowing we relax and ‘rest’ in peace almost like a death in order to “rest in peace” but it is merely knowing that and everything else is okay and in fact perfect!

So, now that Neptune is in forward motion again what is it that we know? Yes, nothing and it is really okay! Good day good life.


About buddhalaugh

Anna=Insight=Clarity, Simplicity. Not the answer but a means to Self- discovery--there is no where to go, no effort to be exerted only waking up to that which you are already and always. We are never lost only distracted by the luscious physicality of our experience here.
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