We are Love and nothing but…

“At the beginning of time, Love completely dominated the universe.” Empedocles

Empedocles is a Greek pre-Socratic philosopher (495-435 B.C.) who thought that unity of all elements prevailed prior to the encroachment of Strife into the all encompassing arena of Love. This caused the separation of the elements thus we read in mythology the birth of the sea and the sky and of earth and fire forthwith. (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empedocles for details)

Many myths talk about creation based upon this premise. Love and strife=duality. Antecedent to duality is the absolute (absolute definition: perfect in quality or nature; complete. Not mixed; pure. Not limited by restrictions or exceptions; unconditional). Prior to experience of duality is the absolute.

This is not to assume that one replaced the other but that duality is an experience within the absolute. It is true that what appears to be our existence moves upon a screen, as a movie; that everything at all times is still, always is/was/shall be “that” which we sometimes call Love as we are apt to be Love, share Love as/in “that”. Love for all beings, everything is ‘the natural state’—without strife. Strife is an illusion, resistance to what is—there is only Love.

Cloud Atlas, a new film out just now is a powerful and deeply intense expression of duality– Love and Strife. Human patterns perpetuate through the various periods of human history but do in fact exist simultaneously as this movie portrays. It is my observation that this movie has the capacity to touch patterns deep within the viewer and to act as a catalyst to divest one self of memories that abide within the collective. It is not a movie to comprehend intellectually–that would lead to unnecessary complexity. Observe, be open and allow the vibrant imagery to inundate your senses. It is not about ‘adding information to gain ‘enlightenment’ but about subtracting’ (so the great teachers tell us)–that we might be free to know the truth of Self, be free of attachment, expectation and the illusion that there can be anything outside of Self that is necessary to Self as there is nothing, outside of Self/”that”.

The following is an excerpt from The Open Secret by non-dual teacher, Tony Parsons:

“‘Absolute wisdom sees that I am nothing; absolute love sees that I am everything’. (Those aren’t my words.) Everything is generated from unconditional love – all of this is only unconditional love manifesting as a wall or a flower or a candle. This is unconditional love, candle-ing. You are unconditional love, Bill-ing or Joe-ing or whatever (that’s to say, that body/mind is).

All of that is generated from a totally liberated unconditional love- which is beyond our normal concept of love, which tends to be needy, which tends to want things and need things.

This love is totally radiant; it fills everything. But it also is neutral in the sense that it allows everything. It’s a totally liberated love which allows any manifestation. Nothing can be except in that love, including Hitler, or whichever baddy you have in your head.”

Love is, no effort required.


About buddhalaugh

Anna=Insight=Clarity, Simplicity. Not the answer but a means to Self- discovery--there is no where to go, no effort to be exerted only waking up to that which you are already and always. We are never lost only distracted by the luscious physicality of our experience here.
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2 Responses to We are Love and nothing but…

  1. m'batu says:

    I’ve experienced that Pure Love that Tony Parsons describes; I’ve also been longing to experience it again and I can’t seem to get mySelf back to it. It was joyous, and beautiful, and- yes- brilliantly radiant. Everything is us, we are Everything (“Wherever you go, there you are”)

    • buddhalaugh says:

      …it will happen. there is no where to get back to or any one who could go back. and who is ‘you’? we forget that “that” is our nature always–all ways–love. when the mind no longer controls us but rests in stillness (or not, thoughts are okay too, so long as we are not attached to them) our true nature is. the happiness is the result
      of being that truth, I am “that”–love.
      be gentle be kind be still be…

      thank you–drink tea and then drink more tea!

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