November: Phoenix Rising! birth, death, rebirth, regeneration.

The phoenix hope, can wing her way through the desert skies, and still defying fortune’s spite; revive from ashes and rise. ~ Miguel de Cervantes

November and we are ushered a little further into realms of great sensitivity. The days are shorter, the nights longer on our annual journey inward. On those days when clouds lay heaped upon the mountain ridge, hang inert overhead softening light and heart; we are cradled in an intimate embrace. Thought dissolves into mists above, releasing emotion to gently spread across the landscape, slowly withering, as nature also withdraws into temporary hibernation. Love penetrates, permeates, purrs inviting it self in with resonant warmth, sidling up to us with intimate familiarity, not to be denied, ignored or pushed away by a mind fearful of annihilation. Time tiptoes by. We are asleep, in the process of awakening. May we all sleep and awaken to a new language streaming through consciousness, resounding through chamber-less space, creating silence–deeply still, deeply peace.

“The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”
George Bernard Shaw

We do not need our minds upon which we trip, to guide us. We are as the ship upon the sea drifting to an unknown destination with perfect direction and speed, navigating rising wave or gusting wind with an expertise born of a knowing that is, beyond description, beyond question, beyond fear, beyond all that springs forth from the mind. Uninhibited by words we are free to communicate, touching each other with profound intimacy; the knowing of “that”.

November’s Story: Black Moon Lilith, Damned if we do, damned if we don’t! So, don’t do! From the great ocean crawls forth, in the desert lost, to the heavens aspires but to the ocean returns, Lilith represents our rise from the ashes.

It is a complex story—our true nature and ability to know that, buried as it would appear beneath eons of beliefs, suffering and fear all generated by one story after another and all created by the human mind. Lilith, as mythology relates, was the first wife of Adam and unwilling to be subordinate flees the Garden. Thereafter to be repressed and denied within the collective conscious. There is a Scorpionic quality to Lilith as she initiates intensity, deeply profound experiences and powerful realizations en route to discovering what lies in the deepest shadows of the human psyche. She requires us to examine the hidden, repressed and denied within our selves; that which may ultimately manifest in the physical body in some form of impediment to health. The various experiences we have of Black Moon Lilith are similar to the phases of Scorpio—the Scorpion delivering the protective, lethal sting, the Eagle rising above into the light of wisdom and the Dove existing in peace and grace. From the basest to the most divine behavior, Black Moon Lilith takes one into the deepest recesses of our being.

The conundrum discovered during BML exploration is a deep fear that inhibits us from accessing the truth—fear of non-existence along with the insistent desire for freedom that propels us into seeking despite our apparent anxieties.

If we ignore Biblical lore and focus only on the facts of the Black Moon Lilith and what it is, complexity falls away. The BML is a point in space not a planet or an asteroid or fixed star. As the moon revolves around the earth and reaches apogee, the greatest distance from the earth, a shadow is cast toward the earth. Where that shadow ends is the Black Moon Lilith. It is rather intangible, a shadow’s collapse into absolute darkness and the infinitude of space. We cannot hold it in our hand nor give it attributes based upon our linear thinking unless we relate it to a story. Without that there is stillness. Within the aspect that is the Black Moon Lilith lies a truth that transcends duality and is freedom, liberation and the unitive. Most of us human beings so fear an existence not duality that we have denied this “point” for millennia.

For November BML in Gemini and regressing into Taurus sweeps back and forth across the Sun, conjuncts Jupiter and touches the south node from its starting point conjunct the moon in Gemini. We have an enormous depth of information at our disposal and a staggering wealth of wisdom as the basis for our communication here. It is not just about the superficial dissemination of the former and a constant search for more of the same but now the awareness to share in a way that is sensitive to the affects of our interactions. The BML moving back into Taurus has us up against a wall in terms of examining individual and collective self worth—if it moves or changes it has only relative worth . It is temporary, an experience and no thing to which to attach one self. In fact there is no one to attach to any thing like the shadow falling in deep space. It is an illusion from the beginning.

Our vision clarifies, sharpens and we observe in the morning light the communication that transpires amongst all things as a creative factor of the same source. It brings a sense of peace and stillness that is perpetual. When our rushing toward notices there is nothing to rush to, the emptiness gives us the answer that we look for.

Our Body, Our Only Vehicle

Delicate aroma and delicate taste ensure that we consume with awareness. The density of manufactured fodder serves only to confuse our body’s innate selective wisdom. The body knows what best suits it but when the mind is given heed there is no telling what manner of sustenance we might choose to please it. Listen with attention to what it is your body wants and cater to it as you would a dearest other.

Delicate touch too advances our experience of here. Gentle reaching out, weaving our way into the fabric of our environment experiencing the interior landscape in such a manner that we are eventually turned inside out or so it would seem as we connect to first this and then that and soon “that”. It is such a great mystery until it is not. That moment can happen now or—now and not that delicate touch brings anything about but it feels good on the journey.

If the body were an animal we might love it unconditionally and in doing so treat it with the utmost of kindness, caring and nurturing as though it were our greatest friend—all parts, loved into balance, loved into awareness and wherever that may lead. We never are not. November is the month for grasping the intangible and discovering what lies just on the other side of our beliefs; if they did not exist for one moment, who would we be?






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Anna=Insight=Clarity, Simplicity. Not the answer but a means to Self- discovery--there is no where to go, no effort to be exerted only waking up to that which you are already and always. We are never lost only distracted by the luscious physicality of our experience here.
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