New Moon October 15, 2012–The tides shift, the truth arises!

English: plane of the ecliptic of the Earth's ...

English: plane of the ecliptic of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun in 3d view showing Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and Jupiter making one full revolution. Saturn and Uranus also appear in their own respective orbits around the Sun (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New Moon October 15, 2012 @ 22 degrees Libra 8:03 a.m. EDT 5:03 a.m. PDT

There is not a day that goes by in which we do not realize the truth of “self”. In the moment before I open my eyes to greet a new day, this truth is revealed—I am, “that”. It is as precious as touching the end of a rainbow or holding snowflakes in your hand.

At first glance there appears to be little going on at this New Moon. There are no aspects to the Sun/Moon. They stand alone at the master number 22—the number that suggests an understanding of the nature of duality. If one grasps this concept then it is just on the other side of this, that we understand the meaning of nonduality. It entails a simple removal of the boundary between “the self” and the “infinite”. We are free in every moment to do so. There is nothing that prevents us from doing this.

“To do so,” Robert Wolfe states in Living Nonduality, “you need to be willing to—at least temporarily, while exploring the dynamic—suspend your relative habit of thinking.”

From a place of relative balance, sun and moon together at 22 degrees Libra, the conscious self/instinctive self, experience the dynamics of the other planets that gather to assist us in glimpsing this most obvious of truths, that I am “that” and to pierce through the veils of illusion obstructing our view. The ruler of this New Moon is Venus at 14 degrees Virgo, the sign that is represented by Mercury, the mind and our process of thinking. It happens that Venus is in exact sextile to Mercury at 14 degrees Scorpio. So we have the planet of desire and ‘relationship’ precisely focused on the absolute, that which we cannot logically know. It seems to me that this is one combination of planet and sign in which this is a possibility. (Only tending toward this objective as there is nothing that can lead us to this truth ultimately. There is only the moment of awakening.)

As years of meditation do not lead us to this moment nor any other form of dedicative endeavor, but they may help to dispense with layers of illusion that impede our vision.

The value of astrology is that it has the potential to dispense with layers of ‘untruths’ by seeing more clearly as the thread is followed toward the core or “that” that is here, now, in every moment. Squaring Venus and inconjunct Mercury is Jupiter at 16 degrees Gemini the second sign over which Mercury has rulership. Jupiter as we know represents a higher knowing, wisdom of having observed the circulation of human events for eons. With compassion has watched as the wheel within time has spun our history unendingly, the rat unable to think, “if I stop running the wheel will stop and I will jump off.” Squaring Venus will determine a path of egoless “self” knowing and inconjunct Mercury will initiate a level of experiencing (Gemini) that makes unnecessary the usual, conditioned ways of thinking. All designed to free us from the habitual exercises that we set for our selves ad nauseum.

We have been outwitted for millennia by voices that fall upon us from a source that echoes like a canyon with one lonely coyote. We now realize the sound that has determined our actions or behavior does not truly exist. Free now to be, without the haranguing of a million repetitive promptings. Free to relax knowing that there is nothing I need to do.

Worth noting that Mercury and Venus are at 14 degrees=5. The other set of planets influencing the moment is Mars 5 degrees Sagittarius, Chiron 5 degrees Pisces and Uranus 5 degrees Aries. Five in numerology is the number of human potential, of man creating in the physical realm, the sensory system and in Biblical terms five is “the grace of God”. The number five is ruled by Mercury and therefore represents change. What kind of change can occur where the Warrior, the Healer and the Revolutionary are involved? The signs these planets occupy will contribute to an answer. Mars in Sagittarius seeks to know the truth and is willing to climb great heights and forge raging rivers to this end guided by the wise old sage Chiron in Pisces, ‘mending the warp and the weft’ of deep human connectedness while Uranus in Aries fires up the motivation to ‘advance our position’ for the good of the collective. A situation exists here for alchemy that transforms us from idle bystanders to aware individuals with a deeper sense of what ultimately motivates our actions—the interconnectedness of all things—I am you and you are I.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon at 23 degrees Libra (another 5) is “a chanticleer’s (rooster) voice heralds sunrise”. So it is that during this New Moon is the opportunity to experience the dawning of a new day and we get to say what that looks like, according to that which creates your reality. Most of us have visions for a brave new world that if expressed simultaneously would propel us out of the monotony of habitual behavior into a freedom to not know what comes next but to revel in the mystery knowing that whatever that is will be perfect. Living in the mystery, traveling with the flow, utterly relaxed due to deep abidance with what is, is happiness. It overflows and sweeps downstream all within reach of the tide.

The combined fire of Aries and Sagittarius ignites the primal need for knowing the truth of “self” that is the ‘secret’ held in the depths of the sign Pisces by the immortal Centaur who bridges the gap, closing the separation between the physical and divine. One last aspect to discuss in relation to what is taking place in the darkness of these few days is Saturn trining Neptune though not exact is less than two degrees separation. In water signs Saturn and Neptune appeal to a collective rising of hope and an overall dissolution of boundaries that limit while revealing that such boundaries have never existed. Saturn in Scorpio upturns and gives forth the secrets that have kept us entrenched to be swept away upon the tide of oceanic infinitude. Our memory weakens, we all suffer from a form of dementia in which we can’t recall any injustice worth fighting about. Weapons abandoned en masse. Soldiers embrace. Mother’s rejoice and brothers and sisters rest knowing that tomorrow begins with the not knowing of what possibility exists within this mystery of space and stillness. It is a good vision to hold.

Thank you and blessings for your continued well being.


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Anna=Insight=Clarity, Simplicity. Not the answer but a means to Self- discovery--there is no where to go, no effort to be exerted only waking up to that which you are already and always. We are never lost only distracted by the luscious physicality of our experience here.
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  1. m'batu says:

    “…the rat unable to think, ‘if I stop running the wheel will stop and I will jump off.’ ” -oh my goodness! i never thought! -m’batu

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