Full Moon September 2012–Harvest the Wind

Full Moon September 29,2012 @ 7 degrees Aries 11:19 p.m. EDT 8:19 p.m. PDT

When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills—Rishika Jain

Sabian symbol: 8 degrees Aries=“a large woman’s hat with streamers blown by an East wind.”

The message of the Sabian symbol, for this Full Moon, focuses upon transcendence and the ease with which this may occur when one stands in an attitude of acceptance and surrender to those forces that naturally move us in every moment.

The Full Moon rising closest to the Fall Equinox is known as the Harvest moon, a moon that generally would illicit feelings of abundance, well-being and gratitude. Everyone shares in what has been generated through hard work and dedication. People are happy to celebrate before colder weather brings hibernation. This year, although these sentiments still hold true, it is a Full Moon that will also insist upon acknowledging our shadow side, fears that inhibit, constrictions of the ego and the power to step out of old habits and limiting beliefs. The Sun shines awareness of Self.  The Moon, receptive, reflects back based upon intuitive, instinctive knowing.  The Moon is powerful in Aries to recognize Self while the Sun in Libra encourages non self-identification.

The relationship between Sun and Moon is being dominated by Pluto squaring this duo and Uranus conjuncting the Moon and opposing the Sun. The ongoing square of Uranus/Pluto is a sweeping influence that affects the foundation of our beliefs. It is an evolutionary aspect that can be felt on an individual level also. The change that occurs all around us is a natural process of our experience here and targets deep levels of the shadow within all of us. Your shadow is my shadow; all shadow up for light exposure.

Pluto, cosmic roto-rooter, began dissolving psychological interference to clarity when it entered Capricorn in 2008 and furthered the clearing with its square to Uranus first in 2011, though not exact. In this Full Moon chart we might look to see its affects upon the political situation and the upcoming elections. This Harvest Moon could illuminate what rewards each candidate might expect to reap come November 6, 2012.

The Sun/Moon fall in Barack Obama’s 2nd/8th houses. The moon in the 2nd house might express as a need to establish him self with strength and confidence while Sun in the 8th house is deepening his understanding of others values and availing himself of other people’s generosity. It could be time for him to step into a new role as leader of this country as Saturn, at 29 degrees Libra will very soon move into Obama’s 9th house of lofty goals, greater understanding that serves the highest good and the bravado to leap into new and challenging territory. Obama’s natal Saturn holds a strong position in its own sign and conjunct Jupiter. From the 12th house it has a powerful vision for the big picture. Though I am not well versed in politics, this feels like a positive situation for a man who hasn’t yet given him self much of a chance.

The Sun/Moon show up in the 5th/11th houses of Mitt Romney’s natal chart that puts him in a position to reap rewards for what he is able to utilize of his personal intuitive nature as regards the collective. This would be based upon what he has realized about him self and previously expressed in terms of gifts he has to offer the public. Pluto squaring the Sun/Moon from Romney’s 8th house (conjunct his Black Moon Lilith) seems to carry a dark energy of utilizing power for what he understands to represent the cycle of humanity. And secrets, hidden information that might undermine his value as a leader. This is also where religious foundations may speak loudly. With Saturn in Romney’s 6th house about to be intercepted in Scorpio, it would indicate a period of time when Romney’s focus and ability to lead may suddenly lose ground. At this time Saturn transiting will form a square to Romney’s natal Saturn. A time to re-evaluate, re-focus and release. If he’s willing all will be wonderful. If he resists? He could be in for a tough time.

What guides us during these few days prior to and following this lunar phase is Venus squaring the nodal axis. How to get from ‘where we’ve been’ (south node in Taurus) to where we’re going (north node in Scorpio conjunct Mars) is through Venus in Leo. The goddess of love/relationship in the sign ruled by the heart demands that we address what we have learned in the past about self worth and association to the physical plane in order to proceed with our course of action as relates to the human/spiritual condition. What is it we have learned about being here that provides us with the momentum to continue with passion? When we notice, our relationship to everything, awareness of same permeates our being. What follows is not anything that we need instigate or be concerned about. Everything occurs in perfect ‘agreement’ with what is most natural or bound to happen within experience.

Saturn at 29 degrees Libra gives us a final opportunity to address relationship issues that include, of course, the relationship with the self. About to change signs, this planet that appears to have such influence in our experience, will target a deeper level of that experience in Scorpio. The first aspect in this new sign is a trine to Neptune. Where is it we need to focus our attention? On spiritual relationship, the big picture and how we all work together to create for the highest good. This trine by the way squares Obama’s Jupiter/Mercury opposition and trines his 5th house Venus. That is attention to his mental acuity and ability for keen judgment and wise counsel. His appeal to the people will benefit from the trine to Venus as will his sense of self worth. It may also highlight his wife’s value as wise supporter and caring First Lady.

Mars, the ruler of the moon, conjuncts the north node in Scorpio and would indicate action that is progressive and targeted upon issues that delve deep into human nature. As the evolutionary thrust would carry us into fields afar, the fear of uncharted territory has other forces convinced that we need to strengthen beliefs and ignore what is being established in scientific realms. As science and metaphysics find common ground and our inner reality explains external experience, we may reflect upon Isaac Newton’s thought concerning human relationship to environment. If Newton saw him self, ‘as a child on a beach picking up shells on the shore of an infinite ocean’, he felt the need to allow for mystery and not in finding answers to all of life’s questions some of which might have answers based in other forms.

This very potent Mars, squares Venus in Leo, putting beneath the microscope for annihilation aspects of the ego, the desire nature, that have proven to be limiting. A quick review of human history would illustrate patterns that really do not serve us. Recently a very bright young lady (14 years of wisdom gathered) and admittedly ‘suffering from Asperger’s’, “well that’s what they call it anyway”, asked me why human beings continue to have wars and to inflict pain upon each other. “Haven’t we learned anything after all this time?” I didn’t have an answer for her, not one that was succinct enough for the situation, but I feel certain that in a short time she will know the answer to her own question. As long as we have desires that are self serving rather than serving Self we will perpetuate the experiences we have created for millennia. The interesting addition to that statement is, and that is okay. The nature of being here is, as hard as that appears at times, that everything is okay and all experiences are perfect. It couldn’t be any other way.

We love it all and see the beauty everywhere. And if I have contradicted everything I have just said that is okay too. My story is my story, and your story is your story. We love and appreciate all the stories and have gratitude for knowing that we are all, not our stories. In other words, let go and allow the winds to carry you wherever they may. There is not a thing that can happen that is not perfect.







About buddhalaugh

Anna=Insight=Clarity, Simplicity. Not the answer but a means to Self- discovery--there is no where to go, no effort to be exerted only waking up to that which you are already and always. We are never lost only distracted by the luscious physicality of our experience here.
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2 Responses to Full Moon September 2012–Harvest the Wind

  1. Chef Jem says:

    Thank You for painting this cosmic picture!
    re: “What guides us during these few days prior to and following this lunar phase is Venus squaring the nodal axis.” Is the principal of this aspect also applicable in one natal chart? Is it a matter of whatever is square to one’s nodal axis (rather the aspect with Venus)?

    Bright Blessings!

    ~Chef Jem

    • buddhalaugh says:

      Look to where venus and the nodal axis transiting falls in your own chart. it isn’t necessarily that venus
      would square your nodal axis unless the nodal axis is near 26 degrees scorpio/taurus.

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