The Second Astrological House: establish, support, nurture, sustain

And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair—Kahlil Gibran (the Prophet, writer, poet, artist, sculptor, Gibran has 8 planets in earth signs 4 of which are in Taurus, natural ruler of the 2nd house)

Terra firma, that which separates sea and air, stationary and providing a solid platform in this shifting world. We find our feet, stand upright and look about for whatever might best support us in our quest to survive. The Earth has everything we need to accomplish that goal. The second house shows in what way we choose to navigate the journey of self-support. It demonstrates how capable we are of utilizing ‘raw resources’ to build the necessary structures for our successful existence here on a physical level. And the 2nd house will show to what degree we exhibit positive self esteem for the accomplishment of this task.

Existence relies not only on available resources but the individual ability to utilize these resources. Taurus and Venus rule the second house. Venus is the planet of relationship. First we might ask, what is the relationship to self? What is our self-image that allows us to be out in the world being “successful”? From a mundane perspective this would refer to feeding, clothing and providing a structure to keep us safe from the elements and any external threats. Early childhood and how we are nurtured sets the stage for the second house experience. Did the baby/child feel loved, protected and cared for? The sign on the second house and its ruler and aspects to the second house, planets therein etc. all tell the story of our ability to provide for our selves. Also the state of Taurus and Venus in the chart will lend further details to an individual’s potential for survival plus whatever more is to be gained here.

For example, Sagittarius ruling the second house is bound to be optimistic, confident and hearty in the approach to fulfilling life requirements. This does depend also on the condition of Jupiter in the chart, though it is difficult to dampen Jupiterian enthusiasm or to diminish this great planet’s ability to be of benefit. If Virgo rules the second house almost the opposite might be true. There is a desire to be of service that might preclude an individual’s sense of self preservation or being of service might be perceived as the ticket to security. If I am needed I will be taken care of.

There is another level of experience associated with the second house that is highlighted once an individual recognizes that there is more to our experience than physical acquisition and personal security. There is a truth to be grasped here that speaks to faith in one’s Self—that which does not move or change but always is—perfect in this moment. Everything that comes and goes is as it should be regardless of the desire to be in control of the physical environment. Peace prevails.

The first house = number 1=independence, initiative, potential, energy

The second house=number 2=establish, support, nurture, sustain

As we looked at Mitt Romney’s chart as regards the first house it follows to discuss Barack Obama’s chart in relation to the second house.

Obama’s second house is ruled by Pisces so there is no doubt that the President employs intuition and impeccable timing in his process of establishing security and sustenance. He may have an attitude that there are no boundaries in pursuit of his goals, what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine. Neptune ruler of Pisces is in his 9th house, an indication that Obama has a finger on the collective pulse and can tap into a deep level of human experience to guide him though it will not always be that he is effective at manifesting from this place. Perhaps the reason that he initially was so popular. He was viewed as having the average guys interest at heart. Pisces is more about the collective than it is the personal self and Obama with Aries intercepted (A sign not ruling a house but occupying a fold in time that was present at the time of birth. Aries in this case is in the second house but not ruling the second house cusp) in the second is less about using his will to secure a position as it is about collective assessment and his personal condition.

He may be easily influenced when it comes to issues of security and sustainment. Mars, the ruler of intercepted Aries is in Virgo, not a strong sign for Virgo but adept at focusing on details to be of service, hardworking and disciplined and able to undertake many tasks at the same time. Virgo knows how to do many things and does not suffer from lack of decisiveness. The President’s Mars trines Saturn in the 12th house that increases his sense of dedication to his job and to the collective. He is serious about his responsibility and his desire to serve the highest good.

He is also good at playing his cards close to his chest. Pisces and the 12th house (with Saturn placed there) know how to keep a secret. Also in the 12th house, Jupiter! Every person I know with a 12th house Jupiter came in with a herd of angels strewing their paths with rose petals. Challenges there may be but where others may toil without seeing the light of day, for these people they are inevitably glitter and shine. Do not underestimate this man as he may be creating a firm structure for the American people in a not so obvious way. There are enemies everywhere and he must negotiate his way stealthily.

One aspect to be aware of in the President’s chart, is Neptune square Mercury. There is a 6 degree separation so not a tight aspect but none the less there is room for vague thinking at times or wavering on the truth of one’s ability to be effective that opens the door for others to hold sway—his lovely wife for one, who is a remarkable person with whom to share his position. Hard aspects between these two planets can be indicative of someone who tells tall tales and with Jupiter in opposition to his Mercury well…undoubtedly the President’s intellectual and emotional finesse have served him well in securing his place and furthering his chances of sustaining his position.

At the heart of his ability to feel confident and self-assured is the need to dissolve all boundaries and definitions of self to remain free to serve in a way that is for the highest good. His initial hurdle, his heritage, is not an impediment but rather a point from which Obama has leapt bigger hurdles on his way to effective leadership. If given another chance this man may surprise us with his dedicated decency. If President Obama has the mettle to accompany the need, some wonderful evolution could occur. A blessing for us all.


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Anna=Insight=Clarity, Simplicity. Not the answer but a means to Self- discovery--there is no where to go, no effort to be exerted only waking up to that which you are already and always. We are never lost only distracted by the luscious physicality of our experience here.
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