Astrological Houses: Doorways to Self Awareness First House e.g. M. Romney

First House-Point of Entry

A child is born on that day and at that hour when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma.  ~Sri Yukteswar, teacher/guru to Paramahansa Yogananda

Before one accepts spirituality, astrology is very powerful, like a lion.  Then when one enters into a deeper spiritual life, astrology becomes a tiny household cat.  ~Sri Chinmoy

–A story courtesy of the mind that entertains us endlessly with tales of existence on the physical plane that confirm our experiences as living form with tasks to perform, responsibilities to meet and levels of spirituality to attain all in perfect harmony with that which is beyond change. We utilize it all until we do not. Until we are at peace with the truth of whom we are and rest in Self.

1st House: Point of entry. Life emerging from the Great Cosmic Sea. Primal beginnings. Fire of transmutation. Think of all Earth’s elements in early stages of becoming. There is intense heat, wild movement, cells crashing upon cells. The air is filled with powerful smells, sparks, thunder, rain and earth being thrust from a molten core in ragged opposition. The strength, vitality, determination, adventurous spirit, intuitive sense of self to succeed in the quest for Self; eventually to awaken to, I am. The naïve perception that everything will work out as I want it to as, with the optimism of a child and the awareness of a child, I am the center of my Universe, a concept that limits experience to my self. Man faced with understanding existence and pre-charged with passion. On one level in relation to the physical world, I seek my self but when the realization finally arises, the awareness that I am. No seeking necessary.

And all the variations of the above based upon how the rest of the chart plays into the first house characteristics beginning with the sign that rules the first house—the planet that rules that sign—how it is illuminated in the chart. A lot of information exists just within this consideration.

The first house and ascendant represent our first impressions of being here. Whatever went on during the entrance experience is an essential element in your life and lessons to be learned. Planets in the first house and aspects to the ascendant and first house tell a tale that describes the various fractals of one’s story. Think about recurring issues in your life and then look to your ascendant/first house and an explanation will be found therein.

The first house offers many clues about how you plan to navigate the journey of Self discovery. Seldom are we in a position in this life, to know Self as we are influenced by so many external factors beginning with our parents’ expectations.  Our potential to acquire freedom from collective patterns is clearly enunciated within first house details.

The first house is also how people initially perceive us. If we reach our hand out to greet someone or we do not for example, it is clearly evident how the ascendant and first house are our introduction. Someone with Virgo rising will be quite different than someone with Sagittarius rising.  Boundaries, no boundaries what energy is emitted when experiencing new situations may relate to first house conditions.

As Mitt Romney is again in a high profile position, this time in relation to the current political situation, it is interesting to use his chart as an example of how the first house operates. Romney has 1 degree Gemini ruling his first house and 25 degrees Gemini ruling his second house. His North Node (what he aspires to) also in Gemini, conjunct the ascendant, is in the first house with Uranus, though not conjunct. However, Uranus does square Mercury ruler of the first house an indication of mental acuity and deep perceptiveness, unique and sometimes impatient, sometimes overwhelmed. Mercury in Pisces holds an elite position in this chart and being in Pisces has the potential of knowing what it is that is needed on a grand scale (Mercury in the 11th house of groups, community, organizations and goals related to the greater good) to create success.

With North Node conjunct the ascendant Romney comes into this life with a personal agenda based on wisdom he has gathered in the past. With South Node in the 7th house he knows how to influence people and be in a position of authority based upon his experiences of being dictated to by a patriarchal hierarchy. From this he may exhibit immoveable opinions with a notion of his role as a saviour now that his objective is to know him self as the evolved messenger. Romney also has Sun and Mars in Pisces—the spiritual warrior with the “family” to protect. Which family, how to protect them? Might be questions you would ask. And whose back does he have? What is it he would save when it comes to this country? With his chart, dominated by mercurial curiosity and desire for learning everything it can—about the self (North Node 1st house), Romney’s question might be how far can I go in terms of expressing my self based on this self as a powerfully perceptive, intuitive individual with a desire for public recognition and a perfect working relationship with the roots or platform that supports me (his religion).

I had pretty much ascertained Romney’s role as Patriarch when I came across the following quote. This is in reference to Romney’s participation in the Utah summer Olympics’ when he was seen as integral to its great success.

Kenneth Bullock, another board member of the organizing committee and also head of the Utah League of cities and towns often clashed with Romney at the time, and later said that Romney deserved some credit for the turnaround but not as much as he claimed: Bullock said: “He tried very hard to build an image of himself as a savior, the great white hope. He was very good at characterizing and castigating people and putting himself on a pedestal.”

One thing we know about Gemini is they can be very smooth talkers or misleading or ‘storytellers’ (dare I say liars). One thing we know about Pisces is the notion of the self as integral to the collective machinery. To what extent one develops these attributes will depend upon other chart markers. In this case we could look at the South Node in Sagittarius, its ruler, Jupiter placement etc. That of course moves beyond precise 1st house features but picks up the thread that ultimately leads us to the center—Self. If Romney, in the past was dictated to by an authority greater than self, it may be that authority by which he is guided still, not completely free to express his truth. Romney’s truth, if discovered might serve this country well based on some of the elements in his chart. Jupiter South Node ruler is in Scorpio conjunct the moon. Fanatical faith in one self.  Deep but secretive. Unexpressed emotions. The mother possibly powerful beyond words.

Neptune the ruler of Mercury in Pisces and his Sun is in the 5th house in Libra retrograde. It seems he has been working on discovering this truth for awhile and that he may have a fear of realizing this truth as it would undermine his desire for much of how he has done things in this go round. Business, accumulating and expanding.

Romney has a rich capacity to serve the highest good but as his structuring lies within limited influence the possibility of him expanding into an awakened arena has a low percentage of occurring. Romney will serve his “family” first while attempting to fulfill his own first house destiny of satisfying his curiosity of self in relation to his environment.

If you have questions about your chart, following the thread and ascertaining karma etc. you can email me:

Have a fiery first house week!







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