Week of May 28th…Back in Town

Bubbles ascending on a gentle slipstream, air that breathes knowing into every molecule. Wildflowers bow their heads in unison and shiver with delight. Responding to a message travelling upon a puff of wind, emptiness extends into emptiness. Stillness.

This week has nothing to do with illusion. It is all about reality (definition: the quality or state of being actual or true) This week what is true will reveal itself  in what appears to be some very magical ways. The Tarot card for this week is the Magician I, the potential for ‘being’ based upon the truth. “We have all the tools and resources we need to accomplish whatever we desire.” The possibilities are unlimited. The truth is limitless and boundaryless.

Sharp, keen, clear, this week is an opportunity to hone a vision for what the ‘end of the search’ looks like. Well, as we can’t really know that, how it would look, it suffices to pop a bubble as it rises skyward and put your attention on what is left.

No matter what ‘I’ do or what changes I make, nothing changes not.  It is none of my business anyway. Nothing is my business. For a Gemini this is quite a lesson. In the air, the space, the nature of duality understood, the thought of separation dissolves and the rest cannot be spoken of or described. Within the silence, the experience, is the message. We are carried to heaven with winged feet.

Abandoned no more, suffering fades into extinction.

What we consider to be reality is a tiny slice of. We labor like ants to fill the cupboards that empty as fast they are filled. We have no idea why we do this. Then finally we are able to laugh.

It is a good week to talk to your self and listen to what you have to say.




About buddhalaugh

Anna=Insight=Clarity, Simplicity. Not the answer but a means to Self- discovery--there is no where to go, no effort to be exerted only waking up to that which you are already and always. We are never lost only distracted by the luscious physicality of our experience here.
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1 Response to Week of May 28th…Back in Town

  1. Lori says:

    Your words are like bubbles ascending on a gentle slipstream…this is my first visit to your site and will definitely be back. I will sign up now. Thanks for putting your soul on each page so we can all have a little of what you’ve got. Love, Lori @AFRICAINSIDE.ORG

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