Full Moon January 2014: Who’s your mama?

Full Moon 01.15.14 @ 25 degrees Cancer 58 minutes 11:52 EST  08:52 PST

Big story this full moon is the degree to which we are challenging our selves to accept responsibility for our individual being; this in the hopes that our ‘wounds’ become less of a personal issue and are recognized as patterns perpetuated by centuries of holding onto what we perceive to be wrong. The moon is in Cancer the sign of the mother and ruler of the 4th house—home environment full moon chart jan 15 2014and inner environment—that in the very beginning is greatly or solely influenced by our connection to mother. Whatever issues tie us to the illusion of someone else being responsible for the way we experience life, are up for examination.

The closest aspect to this Moon/Sun opposition is a square from Ceres (the Mother) and a conjunction from Black Moon Lilith (the demon who devours children). Ceres is the mother in mythology who went to great extremes to protect and retrieve her child, Proserpina, from the grips of Hades while Black Moon Lilith has been portrayed as a demon who feeds upon newborns. Symbolically they represent aspects of each of us that may elicit any number of emotional responses depending upon one’s various experiences prior to inhabiting physical form and during those first few years of dependency upon mother.

For these few days before and after the Full Moon dealing with subconscious fears and insecurities may feel uncomfortable but will ultimately impel us to discover where peace and balance reside. It has nothing to do with anything outside of our selves; nothing that has occurred in the past. The past is not in this moment and without the memory of it here, there is only peace.

Ceres is in Libra so there is the notion of harmony existing when we reconcile all ambiguities and know that separation is an illusion of our physical experience and not Reality. Any and all mental constructs based upon what has happened to us can be seen as untruth as there is no individual to whom any thing ever happens. We are ‘that’ and every thing else is a story. With this known, accepting what is replaces all the judgments we ever had about our selves or any body else. We are all here and “that”.

Collective mother issues are resolved through understanding of the Self as independent of any effects from any experience here. Black Moon Lilith as an astrological point is the source of empowerment from which we leap out of the box and into limitless, boundless, identity-less Being. Conjuncting the Moon in Cancer this aspect gives us access to not only our deepest fears but also the dissolution of them; that is knowing the Self as the source of everything. This can only be perfection as it is exactly what it is. Fear resides only in duality and the notion of any thing being separate.

This may be a time of dreaming that quietly motivates the mind to dispense with thoughts of abandonment: I have never been abandoned and am always “that”. It never changes. The only things that change are the appearance of what we perceive to be separate from “that”.

Or any thoughts that cause us to suffer because we think we want something to be more, different or better than it is.

Even though we want to realize peace in this moment, the absence of want, there is still a need to care for the physical form that exists within physical structure that supports our Being in this moment. Sun in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn emphasizes the knowing that the physical structure is a product of creation and is therefore everything that we could possibly need. It is only thoughts that suggest anything otherwise. At this Full Moon we traverse the territory between the fear of not having and the knowing that we have everything already processed through the place where we recognize our Self as ‘parent’, child, creator, etc. There is no father/mother or son/daughter only expressions of what is always.

All identification with roles fades into “that” and I am free to experience “this’.

“You are This. You are Now, you are nowness:

What I is there that can be out of this Now?

You are Truth and only the Truth Is.—Sri H.W.L. Poonja, Papaji from This

The harmonic charts are divisions of a natal chart and represent the various aspects—a square for example is a 90 degree aspect and is the 4th harmonic ( 4 divided into 360=90).

The 5th harmonic is a division of 360 by 5 and equals 72. This aspect is called a quintile. Often considered a ‘minor’ aspect the quintile is actually an important function and consideration of the whole. In numerology, 5 is the first number of human creativity. It is also change wherein lies the potential for ‘lead to become gold’. As such the 5th harmonic shows us where talents and gifts are, waiting for expression—the 5th house is creative self-expression and Self realization. The 5th harmonic of this Full Moon chart has Saturn exactly square the Nodal axis implying that our potential to get from where we’ve been to where we want to go is through focus, discipline, commitment (to truth) and taking responsibility for my self.

In the natal Full Moon chart Saturn at 21 degrees Scorpio trines the Moon contributing stability to the navigation of feelings that may have been hidden or repressed for a long time. There is a precise knowing with Saturn in Scorpio that moves us beyond the fears of mundane experience to a place of tranquility once the old patterns no longer cause us to react.

The 7th harmonic chart is derived by dividing the 360 degree circle by 7=51.428….and is called a septile. As 7 is the number wherein we challenge our selves to overcome obstacles and shatter limitation, it is indicative of those who are outside of the box. There is great talent and even genius here when we have no fear of the unknown. In the 7th harmonic chart for this full Moon Saturn once again stands out as it exactly squares the Sun/Moon and is in opposition to Ceres. It would seem that we are being challenged to overcome whatever limitations we experience due to the nature of our parental axis—Capricorn/Cancer and accept responsibility for a mature and wise attitude that includes an awakened perspective. We are not nor have ever been victims a fact that allows us to proceed unencumbered by baggage and wounding. The sense of freedom this creates is a gift for which we may express gratitude daily. Though it may seem difficult, this experience of being human, it is not any thing that we do not want. When we no long have wants we don’t show up here.

During this Full Moon we might be grateful for whatever lack of resistance we demonstrate on our way to liberation. It becomes clearer and clearer that resistance is preventing us from a realization that makes it all so simple—life is and I am “that”. There is boundless joy in that truth.

Thank you. May your intentions for 2014 include clarity.

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Change of Format at Buddha Laugh

under constructionA change of format will occur on Buddha Laugh over the next week–couple of weeks. It will merge with P. Anna Chapman.com website. Mostly what you will notice is a new name and perhaps a little more content about what Anna offers in terms of service. The over all dedication to awakening remains the same. I thank you for your valued participation. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please send them this way. The new look available soon!

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Fundamentals of Astrology Part I Starts January 26, 2014

Fundamentals of Astrology

Part I

 Are you curious to discover the meaning of your astrological blueprint? And to learn how to utilize your gifts as an astrologer to help others understand their charts…

Fundamentals of Astrology is a 6 week class covering the basics of astrology: we will examine planet, sign and house meanings as well as quadriplicities, elements and angles. The last week will introduce chart reading as a lead into Fundamentals of Astrology II—Reading Charts.

Part of the class will involve embodying the energy of the planets, signs etc. to better understand their influence in our lives. No previous acting experience required.

Anna has been an astrologer since before the advent of computer programs. With the miracle of computer generated charts professional status was an easy step.

“There are inherent aspects to each of us that are evident within the natal chart—how we respond to patterns, evolve beyond them and integrate what we have and are learning for our highest good. Once we grasp the thread it is only a matter of time before we arrive at the center. ”

Join us in this exciting exploration of hidden and deeper meaning where mysteries are solved and where curiosity takes us a step at a time toward a profound understanding of Self.

6 Sundays beginning January 26 10:00 a.m. 12:30  

Place to be Announced (in downtown Santa Barbara)

Cost: 220.00

No supplies necessary though it would be beneficial to have access to a Basic Astrology Book.

Please call 805 904-5433 or email @pannachapman@msn.com to reserve your space as class size is limited.

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Just to let you know about a great website. Lots of good information creatively expressed. http://www.bewilderedbeauty.com


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January, Establishing Framework for 2014

“Civilization and stillness—quiet, inactivity—do not go together. Civilization is a continual process of choices: stillness comes without choice. There is nothing that can be done to create stillness. It is not something that is to be acquired; it has no value as currency. It is, put another way, priceless.

One must relax to breathe this stillness. Not just the body: the mind, the psyche. One must relax ambition. Ambition and stillness are not compatible. There is no ticking of the clock here. There is no effort in stillness.”Robert Wolfe, Elementary Cloudwatching

secretariatThe Chariot VII (major arcana 2014)

The New Year begins with a New Moon. This has not occurred since 1995 and will not occur again until 2033.  The second New Moon of January (in Aquarius) falls on the 30th, plenty of opportunity in this first month to state and restate intentions for the coming year. The sector of your chart in which these fall may indicate a special area of focus for you throughout 2014. This may be where the seeds have been planted and where the greatest concentration of energy exists with potential to explode into daylight as the year progresses.

The energy of 2014 will propel us through the year inexhaustibly, and like a runaway train or a horse determined, we do not lack motivation to keep moving forward at a surprising pace. If we ride still and stay strong and go with the flow we will weather the storm. What we accomplish will be most revealing in terms of what we have been working toward and persistently pursuing with calculated steps. The awareness of the lack of separation or the absence of boundaries will allow us to dissolve structures that have seemed impervious to change. We should observe, not think, so that truth is revealed unveiled by judgment or fear.

The explosions in the cosmos will be reflected here. As forms disassemble, molecules will float free, the mind has an opportunity to be free also; to see that molecules are always free. And we are free from assuming that what ‘it’ has experienced in the past is the truth in this moment. The past does not exist except through memories, thoughts that do not exist in truth. Truth is this moment. Awareness arises as the whole planet continues to expand and become.

Healing is taking place and will advance in 2014 further dissolving an area of collective fear that has determined behaviour and promotes separation. “There is nobody watching us. There is nobody in charge of us.” We are not repressed or oppressed. We are not victims. Unprecedented numbers of people will alter their patterns of living. Greater awareness=greater sensitivity and sensibility. People will move to where they feel comfortable. People will want everything they experience to be of comfort—food, work environment, living space. By what are you most comforted?

Comfort is a rare commodity in 2014 so that whatever we can do to establish even a little in our lives is wise. As the energy moves to create balance, a redistribution of energy everywhere moves us closer to peace and harmony. Introducing the year is a Sun/Moon/Pluto/Mercury conjunction square to Mars suggesting transformation that occurs on all levels. This does not portent rest and relaxation unless we are established in the ‘eye of the storm’. The reckless nature of the square here can be applied to either the high road or the low road. The conjunction involving the New Moon would suggest (too those of positive bent) that we choose the high road with very short forays, if necessary, to the low road. The image that guides us is the phoenix rising from the ashes. To rise, best not linger too long in areas where we have already dwelt for a very long time.

We rely on the power of our instinctive need for nurturance to guide us, inform us, to be witnessed in actions that support many. No one on the planet should, at any level go hungry. There is everything available to us always. We need only feel confident enough to ask, when initially we may sense deep insecurity. The insecurity is a collective wave of fear that may naturally arise when the basis for what we have believed to be true is exposed as illusion.

2014=7. In the Tarot this is the Chariot of the major arcana and suggests one who has circumstances well in hand. The commanding presence of the Charioteer is the result of having overcome tests and challenges in the past that gives him confidence to navigate the current course masterfully. The tests we encounter as the year unfolds will be handled expertly as there is nothing that we do not know how to resolve including the effects of radiation. We may not have answers based upon current patterns of thinking but there are those who are not encumbered by these patterns. Everything is possible. Human beings are highly resourceful and have an exceptionally powerful survival instinct. Those without it have not lived to contribute genetically to the subsequent generations.

This is the Year of the Wood Horse. Wood is also known as ‘tree’. When we consider this connection it is easy to observe why wood is: strength and flexibility and also growth and expansion, all positive considerations as relates to the year 2014. Horse, the other part of this equation is somewhat unpredictable. The domesticated aspect is hardworking, goal oriented, sociable, delivering the goods ahead of time, while the untamed nature of the horse can be wild, freedom loving, anti-social and uncompromising. Whilst some sectors of the business world thrive and rise in stature others will decline based upon serviceability. The very strong nature of the horse indicates a year of triumph as a result of confidence and valor.

Light increases in Antarctica and seeds spread that create a new source of microorganisms rich in  lipoic acid (similar to) waves of which inhabit the oceans minimizing the effects of radiation.

If the Pope can do it so can Obama. Here is the Charioteer taking control of the ship and turning it down wind, going with the flow. Physically our bodies recognize this change and many more pieces of the jigsaw puzzle leap into place.

In April Venus (Goddess of love) enters Pisces (realm of the Oceans), conjuncts Neptune (God of the Oceans) on the 11th of April signaling a step toward feminine appreciation further enhancing balance. Announcements on the 12th turn the tide of prejudice and judgment desists.

There may be resistance to the leveling process but an underlying current of ‘freedom’ is informing us all and even though the mind says no, the hand will still give over. The haves and the have nots find themselves drawing a little closer together rather than separating further.

Planetary Influence=Pallas Athena (asteroid): is the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, just warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill. Athena is also a companion to heroes and goddess of heroic endeavors. A very suitable guide for us in 2014.

Angelic Influence=Araqiel: teaches humans the signs of the earth that includes geomancy, an art that continues to promote earth balancing and harmony.

Color=Silver: The color silver has a feminine energy; it is related to the moon and the ebb and flow of the tides – it is fluid, emotional, sensitive and mysterious. It is soothing, calming and purifying. Silver signals a time of reflection and a change of direction as it illuminates the way forward. It helps with the cleansing and releasing of mental, physical and emotional issues and blockages as it opens new doors and lights the way to the future. With its reflective and sensitive qualities silver inspires intuition and collective wisdom based on shared millennia of experience. ~ http://www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com

Major Arcana=The Chariot VII: The skill and mastery to guide the ship through whatever waters should be encountered. Valor and victory go hand in hand. Awareness presides over all else. Without the distraction of questions life happens. There is surrender, acceptance and allowance.

In stillness, nothing arises that has greater or less consequence than anything else. Without judgment there just is and suffering is not. May your 2014 be an experience of stillness and peace of mind.

If you would like to welcome the New Year and the New Moon from the highest place possible, it occurs at 03:14 a.m. The light will be magnificent!



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New Moon january 2014: Liberation from Our Roots, A Continuation

New Moon January 1, 2014 03:14 a.m. @ 10 degrees Capricorn 57 minutes

06:14 a.m. EST  03:14 a.m. PST

Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light—Theodore Roethke

As creative beings, within that, we are flowers and therefore the light.


2862[1]This article probably covers information that appears in the New Year message to be published tomorrow . If either seem repetitive skip ahead or reread for emphasis. And if possible find a high elevation from which to watch the New Year’s sunrise and to bask in the rays of grace, simplicity and clarity.

Pluto has particular significance in this New Moon chart and sets the course for not only these few days before and after but also the tone for 2014. Pluto is linked to seven planets at this time in both hard and easy aspects. The power of this ‘dwarf’ is felt in many different areas in subtle and perhaps not so subtle ways. The soft underbelly is the area of focus during this New Moon. If we have anything to hide that is the very place we will be taken en route to Self discovery and overcoming limitation both individually and globally. The exact square to Mars is a sure sign that transformation will take place. Mars here represents the reckless energy to make progress even if it does require a bit of bullying. This may not be typical Libran behaviour but when coupled with Pluto there is a need to realize the perfect order of all things that could manifest in atypically aggressive behaviour—perhaps more efficient than passive aggressiveness that leads to confusion.


The sextile to Chiron and the square to Uranus are ongoing features that promote healing of deeply rooted collective issues and evolution. Uranus clears the way and does not necessarily offer anything else with which to replace what disappears in the brilliance of blinding light.  


Pluto was assigned rulership of Scorpio as this small, cold erratic planet (Recently demoted to dwarf planet, this does not minimize  Pluto’s power to effect us on deep and transformative levels.) has the affect of eradicating whatever stands in the way of the perpetuation of the cycle inherent to the sign of triplicity. Scorpio is birth, death, rebirth, regeneration and has three corresponding symbols—the Scorpion, the Eagle and the Dove. Where Pluto is involved we can be shaken to our core if need be, to eliminate patterns that do not serve us.


Ever since Pluto entered Capricorn we have experienced the slow demise of those patterns and the rocking of fundamental foundations that have long stood on sacred ground. Pluto in the New Moon chart is 20 minutes from exact conjunction to Sun/Moon and 1 degree 4 minutes from exact conjunction to Mercury. These three orbs represent crucial modes of operation—conscious, subconscious and mind. When they are touched by Pluto change is inevitable and we want to be okay with it.


There has been a more or less tolerable level of detachment occurring since the harmonic convergence in 1987. (There would be those who disagree. The process is not the same of course, for everyone. It may seem to be more challenging for some than others).The position of Pluto here indicates a need for more flexibility this year and definitely for the days around this New Moon. And really, it couldn’t be more perfect. The less we drag with us, obviously the freer we are to “ascend” or wake up. Uranus is still involved as mentioned above though at a bit of a distance in January. There is a three degree separation from Uranus to the Pluto, Sun/Moon conjunction that creates breathing room.


Though Mars is a major player in this chart due to its association with Pluto, Sun, Moon and opposition to Uranus forming a t-square and asserting pressure for change, 9 of the 11 “planets” (considering that Pluto is a ‘dwarf’ and Chiron is an asteroid) are in feminine signs. Capricorn is a feminine sign and 5 planets occupy the sign of utilizing resources to their fullest potential. Capricorn’s identifying phrase is “I utilize”.


What we are learning to utilize here comes from a deeply reverent place of nurturing and caring. Gently embracing while powerfully intending to soften around the edges enough that we no longer judge what we think defines us—religion, culture, money etc.—there is no definition. We simply are, loving each other. Whatever I perceive I may get from anyone or anything is replaced by knowing that there is nothing to get from anyone that I don’t get from my self. It is all the same. Without expectation there is a natural flow of interacting without reaction that is real and perhaps all that is real. All of our fears and anxiety have no basis in this Reality. It is a story that we run over and over again in our heads based on something that does not exist in this moment.


All three water signs are occupied. Neptune and Chiron are in Pisces. Both of these highly sensitive bodies are positioned in a very sensitive sign, intuitive with probing tendricles that penetrate the furthest reaches of space. Neptune ruler of Pisces has been there since August 2011 and will remain so until 2025. Chiron has been in Pisces since April 2010 and remains so until 2018. This ongoing combination is transmitting a deeply healing vibration which on a collective level means the demise of old patterns without any thought that they should be replaced by anything else. Chiron forms an exact sextile to the Sun/Moon while Neptune at 3 degrees Pisces quietly and subtly touches our psyche to elicit change.


Jupiter in Cancer conjunct the Black Moon Lilith is loosely opposing the Capricorn stellium. Whatever insecurity may exist at the level of our roots, the confidence inherent in the influence of Jupiter, due to a wisdom that transcends mundane experience and an expanded sense of existence, is being eradicated through a penetrating sense of well-being. Though BML can represent our deepest fears and embody our most vicious behaviour, in relation to Jupiter, BML ‘remembers’ prior to exile into the desert of our collective psyche. Returning to an Eden filled with abundance, BML offers us gifts of overwhelming beauty, grace and joy. We have only to pick from the tree and delight in the fruit.


Saturn, ruler of Capricorn and Keeper of the Gate that stands between Earth and Heaven resides in Scorpio presently, the sign ruled by Pluto which means they are in mutual reception (in each others signs) therefore enhancing the relationship between them. In this case and for some time to come, the occupation of transformation goes hand in hand quite intimately, with the ability to dissolve old patterns. There is such an unconscious involved here that actually human beings are required to do nothing except accept the moment. It is all happening despite our grandest efforts to achieve or change or resist the process.


At this New Moon we are grateful to have a reason to write these words, seeds of opportunity, not that they need be said even, only that a form of communication is a pleasant way to experience the I am that is me and we and everything. Blessings to you for a delightful knowing.    

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homepageWinterFull Moon December 17th, 2013 @ 25 degrees Gemini 04:28 a.m. EST 01:28 a.m. PST

The last Full Moon of 2013, may peace be discovered everywhere and in everything and that is I.

“If there is to be peace between neighbors, there must be peace in the home. If there is to be peace in the home, there must be peace in the heart. —Lao Tzu

“To break our patterns is to threaten our sense of security; patterns predict an outcome, and our eye is usually fastened on a goal. To be free in this moment is to be free of our patterns of the past, and our expectations for the future. That which is unbounded is poised in any direction.”—Robert Wolfe, Elementary Cloudwatching

While we have this moment available to us, when we have an opportunity to be free of the mind, we can still the chatter and embrace the silence that occurs when thoughts dissolve and words slowly drift away. Ruler of this Full Moon, Mercury is in Sagittarius. Here the mind is free to experience the unpredictable and to boldly go where one may not have tread in the past. This is definitely a chance for expanding awareness and exploring new personal territory that leads to greater understanding of the ‘big picture’.

Now if you have a desire to chatter incessantly about every little detail that occurs during your day, it is just a way to release pressure that builds due to a lack of communication that may be the usual experience. We can all practice our skills as therapists by becoming good listeners long enough to allow others to spew in order to arrive at clarity, a loving gesture by which we realize that we are inherently all the same. What I fear is what you fear and that these fears are perpetuated by ancient experience that has no reality in this moment.

These old patterns are to be tossed aside and left to dwindle into nothingness as neither Gemini or Sagittarius, the sign in which the Sun is now placed, are apt to cling to what is worn out and limiting. Both require freedom to experience and discover on the way to ascertaining truth. Patterns represent structures that have the potential of inuring one to a resistant existence of adversity. As we approach the beginning of a new year we are apt to desire the unencumbered mind that allows one to rest in peace and enduring happiness.

Best we lean into this pursuit even a little if we are to prepare for the t-square—Mars opposition Uranus and square Pluto that comes into aspect on December 25th. Then we will feel the heat! even though Mars resides in an air sign (Libra). There will be tension as the planet of aggression is ‘urged’ rather emphatically to alter course and sail toward more harmonious horizons. Anger issues? To be dealt with maturely and yet the unpredictability of Uranus may provide a tempest that tests patience and fortitude. Don’t think about escape. Pluto at right angles has us pinned to the transformational process and will act to eliminate whatever clogs the system. (Black Moon Lilith conjunct Jupiter means those fears may loom large hanging around with nightmarish persistence until they are seen through)

What clogs the system are beliefs that determine our reactions to the environment. These are constantly being examined as we proceed along the path. During this Full Moon period, Jupiter, the ruler of the Sun in Sagittarius is quincunx Mercury (in Sagittarius), ruler of the Moon in Gemini so that exaggerated opinions may cause us to re-examine our adherence to what ‘I believe’ long enough to taste the essence of that which is Reality.

Applying lessons we have learned about what represents security and self worth are subtle but powerful currents underlying experiences for the next few days. We are apt to consider what motivates our behaviour and if it does not contribute to a harmonious and peaceful or simple life we will automatically readjust habitual modes of reaction and response.

There is a feeling of everything is possible that rises out of the optimism at this time and a lightness of spirit that naturally creates a mood of good will toward all things. We are perched then to enter 2014 in a vast frame of mind, a universal rather than personal perspective aligned with simplicity, (in spite of the mad frenzy that occurs this time of year) relaxation and peace of mind. The way in which we communicate then is based upon what lies in the heart rather than what is generated by thoughts. We gravitate toward the permanent state of being rather than that which changes. Communication is a subtle and consistent wave of love that is noticed for what it is rather than anything we ‘think’ it might be.

As we stand looking up at this Full Moon we are quietly expressing gratitude for the knowingness, awareness that is stimulated through the fullness we feel as “that’ in physical form. Grateful for the willingness to explore beyond the parameters that define what is apparently our experience here. Blessings to you on your journey of Self-discovery; that I exist in everything and everything in me.

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